Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Between my Fingers like sand

Another Milestone is upon us.

At the beginning of every special event I try to write a handwritten sealed letter to that child, telling them of my feelings at the time.
Those letters can be opened as they become adults. So here are some of my thoughts as I think of Malaina entering a new arena this week.

My oldest is turning into a high school er.

That's right.

I sit back and try to think about what it has been like to raise her and I just thank God for his graciousness in allowing me the privilege of having a child who has a heart for him.

She came out of the womb 3 weeks early and was a perfect little 6 lb bundle of pure baby bliss.

I remember those first nights in the hospital(back then you actually got to stay, and she was a c-section so I stayed 4 nights! )just holding her wondering what her life would be. Sobbing as I thought of her walking down the aisle. (Jason did not in all his longings to be sensitive understand what in the world my problem was)

She was perfect to me.

Everything I had longed for up to that point had become a reality!

And as I've watched her go from precocious little girl who spoke to anyone about anything and said unusual things like "when I grow up I'm gonna be a prophet"...
to her self motivated ways of learning, and the sweet ways she tries to relate to her younger siblings, I have become completely moved by her.

She has already taught me so much about grace and having a positive attitude in the face of less then ideal circumstances.

I look up to her in these ways.

She is not perfect of course,
In fact her room is exhibit A for her messy, teen habits.

But I believe she is already great.

Great in the ways of servant hood.

So as she enters High School I pray this blessing over her

My sweet girl,
I pray the blessing of deep friendships over you. I pray that you would feel the depth of God's love for you. A surpassing knowledge and understanding of not only your studies but of the riches found in the great book.
I pray for you purity in all your relationships and protection over you physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.
You are in my heart every day! I weep when you do and I am joyful when I see your smile.
May God shine his face on you my little lady~
May you continue to grow up in him.
I love you forever and I'll like you for always!


  1. I love your ways friend. May I copy you?? I think I will write some letters and seal them too....Since I will have so much time on my hands now with 3 in school. A great tradition for sure. I love Malaina too, she is a great role model for my children!

  2. Yes Heather I did not copy right this idea:)
    Thanks for the ways you encourage her and all our kids!


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