Tuesday, July 20, 2010

That's life....

The last month has been packed with activity.

Here are a couple of highlights that never made the front page.

We have been chasing Micah around the state watching him play ball.

His little team made district champs so we have watched LOTS of baseball.

Late Last night they played their final game with a heartbreaking loss.


It sure felt good to sleep in our own beds again:)!

Lots of life lessons can be learned from sports.
We have been having Lots of fun with water this summer....

And there is nothing so sweet as a daddy and his princess walking hand in hand!

Malaina never got the memo that everyone was wearing formals to the concert....

Actually a very proud moment....

She got the special part of "Mary Poppins". She did fabulous!

And my sweet guy and I having our own "moment"....

Love you to the moon!

I thank God for this fabulous life he has given me!

It's an adventure!

It's a riot!

Some days it's heartbreaking!

But it's life.... And I am thankful for one more day to live it!


  1. Treasure these moments.
    They slip through our fingers like sand.

  2. It has been a fun summer. Glad I've have spent some of it with you. <3 Can't wait to be with you ALL weekend.

  3. Malaina looks like she is in her "element."
    Congrats to her!


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