Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th, 2010

For the 4th of July we headed to Indianapolis for a little get away with our friends Ken and Kris and my sister Cindy, her husband Allen and 2 youngest boys.

We had such a relaxing time at an indoor water park/hotel.

Here are some pictures of our weekend.

This is Malaina,Kasey, Cory and Sophie
And here are the fish.... Malaina, Jalen and Benji
Awwhhh! Cousins who are great friends as well.
On the lazy river....

And my sweet faced boy...Micah...we had a little scare with him....On Sunday we headed over to the children's museum~We were all on one floor and when it came time to leave we couldn't find him. Well, he's a big boy and I really wasn't frightened about his safety.

I figured he just had started looking and forgot to keep track of the group.

After searching the entire floor a number of times I started getting a little less relaxed about finding him. So I went up to the info desk and asked them if they had seen a missing boy, 10 years old with a blue shirt. We've often prompted them that if they get lost to find a lady who looks like a mom and ask her to call our cell phone #'s. I knew that he would be frantically trying to find us.

Nope, no one had reported in. But she said they would announce him over the loud speaker.

They did.

Well by this time the entire party was searching for him. Jason and I rechecked where we had already looked. No sign! Now I'm fighting my panic. I started praying and asking God to show me where he may have gotten to. And then the fear started creeping in....WHAT IF!

What If someone took him!!

One more time around the Dino Den...Check that bathroom one more time....Info desk still hadn't seen him...The train station....the halls....

Where are you Micah?

Finally I got up enough nerve to ask the lady at the desk if any child has ever been kidnapped from here. She reassured me that they have 100% recovery rate.

That helped.

Still no answers.....

And then just as security was paged to start looking, my brother in law appeared and said they found him.

He was on the next floor up.

He had been looking at some things and when we left that area we thought everyone was together but he had somehow not realized we were leaving and was just lost in his thoughts. He didn't even realize he was lost all that time! He had been separated from us for almost 45 minutes.

Well, He got a pretty big hug from Mama Bear who was thrilled to see this face once again!
Benji and Sophie

Oh yes It was Barbie month....And as you can see Jason's a BIG fan! :)

And then we headed back home.

Just in time for FIREWORKS!

We added our friends Ed and Julie to the group and had a fabulous end to the day.

Waiting for fireworks is always some of the best times....

Sophie, Ryan and Kasey had fun running around~

finding airplane rides...
Here Is my friend Julie....She is such a sweet heart!

What a fun filled day!

I am so thankful for the freedoms we have in our country.

So thankful to be an American!

So glad to have friends we can share tears and laughter with!

So appreciate sleeping in my own bed again tonight!:0


  1. Always love your posts...delightful family and friends Nelson

  2. What a scare!!! I've had that feeling....but only for like 10 minutes. NOT 45!! Gesh! :( Looks like lots of fun :)


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