Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thanks for Raising us

It's time for bed and when that happens you can bet on these 3 things....
1.There will be a lot of story telling by children in an attempt to sabotage our bedtime efforts. As if they think that if the story is riveting enough we may forget what we were doing all together and allow the entire brood to stay up the rest of the night.

2. There is usually at least one last request for a drink, a snuggle, and a lament about some ailing body part.


3. Bedtime prayers.

Ahh...How I love bedtime prayers.

Especially when we do it as an entire family. It is not only a chance to hear what my children are processing in their own noggins but it gives me a window into what they are thinking about their Creator.

Last night the little one said this phrase amidst all her little thank yous and please helps....she said,

"Thanks for Raising us".....

And I thought, "How peculiar".

But the more I thought about it. The more I love that little insight from my 7 year old.

As a parent I often thank God for the privilege of raising these children he entrusted us with.


When I think about it, although I am an earthly presence in helping to shape, nurture, encourage and discipline them,

He is ultimately the one raising them.


As a matter of fact,

He is still raising me.

He continues to raise us, his children to be who he has called us to be.



Along with my little one I say....

Thank you Father for raising us!

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