Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cedar Point

In the last 4 days we made some fun memories ....

We went camping with some friends here in Indiana and then on Sunday we traveled together 4 hours to Cedar Point. It's an amusement/waterpark. What a grand time!

So between our four families we had 19 offspring:)

What a total riot!

Kelsey and Lexi huggin on Jalen...He's feeling the Loooove..:)

And here's one of my new friends I met this weekend....Marcy. What a sweet girl!

This expression tells you exactly how Sophie welcomed most of the rides....Thumbs down.

Camping and amusement parks can do this to you after awhile...
Drive you right up the Whack-O tree! Ha!

These 3 little guys hung with J and I one night and we had a great ole time!

We had such a good time in fact,

We talked them into riding with us on the scary Ferris wheel!

We were stopped on top and to get their minds off of it Jason mentioned that maybe that's Canada over there across Lake Huron.

When we got back to the other adults one of the little ones said "We even saw Canada! Or maybe Africa!:)

And cooking over the fire is always interesting. We tried making pizza. It actually turned out pretty yummy.
I had made some pizza crust before we left home and then just made them as thin as I could. Grilled the one side until it was crusty and then flipped them, put toppings on and a roaster lid over top to heat the cheese. They were a nice little change from meat.

Camping makes you really close......
Jus' sayin! :0

It makes you REALLY tired!
It's always so exciting to anticipate a camping trip...
Thank God we don't always live in an RV!

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  1. Awww...looks like such a fun time with lots of fun memories!!! I love campin with you and can't wait to do some of that with you in August!!


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