Monday, May 3, 2010

That's just the kind of mom I am...

Do you want to know what kind of mom I am?

I mean I can tell you all these great things that may or may not be true because it's my blog and I am making a keepsake book for my kids so of course I would like them to remember that I was nothing but the best.
Which if I could actually brain wash them into thinking that it may actually work but since they are all fairly intelligent I doubt I have much hope.

Well, the other day I was taking my two youngest to school and on my route I spotted a choice car that I had to crank my head to look at once again.

After nearly running off the road I squealed out "Look Look my little friends!!! I am totally gonna buy that! Would that not be the best thing to arrive at school in?"

To which they both replied, "Oh yes it would!"

I had actually meant to scare them. You know how I could have used that?

"Hey guys no more fighting or I'm getting the car"!
"Hey, I want everyone working with out complaining..Or you know what".
I was planning to totally use that for blackmail.

My plan completely backfired....

They started figuring out if they had enough saved up to purchase it!!


Older sister got wind of it.

"Um, you aren't dropping me off no where in that thing"!!"

I had a couple belly laughs at the thought of just renting it for the day and stopping by to pick my 14 year old daughter up from school.

But the thought of her not talking to me until she's 18 is making me rethink it.

I still think it would be so fun!!

Don't you think it's the bomb?


  1. I do love it. So glad you posted a picture...I was wondering what car you were thinking about. :) :) You could pick me up any day in would be a hoot. Maybe we could hire a driver...and go get our nails done for mothers day. Now that would be an experience.

  2. Sis, you are too funny; I luv to read your stuff! :)

  3. All it needs is some dice hanging from the mirror and hydraulics so it can bounce up and down! ;o)


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