Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hold on to these days

School's coming to a close for this year.

As always I start reflecting.

I start thinking again about the flight of time and how fast this ride is.

This cloud starts forming as I ponder my days.....

My oldest is entering a world that scares her mother



What in the world....

It feels like I just left that world a day or two ago.

I am not old enough.

I remember when I was a freshman someone telling me...

"Hold on to these days, they will go so fast".

And I remember thinking as I was dozing off in History...
"What happened to the go so fast part?"

But they were right.

It did.

And I remember so clearly as my babies were being being born people would say...

"Hold on to these days they will go so fast"...

And I thought,

"I'm sure they do but today I'm just gonna have to drink an extra cup of coffee to make it".

And as my little ones are developing into young men and women. I realize that I am simply losing my grip. Memories of yesterday are becoming foggy.

Time is eluding me. And I am a bit panicked.

My oldest son turns 13 in a few months. His voice is changing. And he is growing hair on his lip.

I tremble as I think of him growing into a man. It just doesn't feel like I've had that many years.

He told me this morning that he will not wear the shoes I picked for him. He said, He will be laughed at if he wears those. So instead he put on his high tops with his shorts. And I stood there and said "That's fine, you decide."

I couldn't believe he would choose that gastly combo but I think he needs to be in control of things like his shoe choices and hair styles.... He informs me from time to time that it's his head.


And I remember....

"Hold on to this day".

I always wanted to be a mama and here I am in the middle and every day getting closer to the end of these years when I have them all under my wings, and I keep telling myself it will just keep getting better.

I'm not gonna lie...

I'm not sure about that.

But I do see perks.

I just feel this awful tug inside that wants to keep them little, and innocent. And I have this lump in my throat that won't leave as I think of them losing a piece of that with every passing day.

But today I will seize this day.

I will take them to dance, awards programs, piano recitals and baseball. I will pack their lunches and kiss them goodnight. I will say prayers over their sweet heads and will be their alarm clock every morning, thankful that I have one more more day to nurture them.

Thanking God that I have these little people living with me who have changed my heart forever!


  1. Rose- I needed that today! The baby was up and hour earlier than usual and he is a grouch! Doesn't let me out of his sight. I needed that perspective of where I'll be in just a few years . . . a good place, but exhausting and trying in a different way.
    Thanks for being Godly parents that we can look up to. I'm glad I know you. :)

  2. Oh Rose, I couldn't have said it better! Those exact thoughts have been on my mind lately too. I am finding myself telling the young ladies who are just starting their families, "Just sit & snuggle those babies, get down on the floor & play with your little tots and dig in the sand together", time just goes too fast! (That really makes me sound old! ) Yes, this teenage stage is kinda scarey, but I am also really enjoying the "heart to heart" talks with my "big kids" & connecting in a new way. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy all those little things, in the stage that each one is at now!!

  3. Awwhh Jen...I hear ya! Up all night makes for cloudy mornings! And thank you for your kind words. I have always thought you have such a gentle nurturing way with your boys! They are so very lucky to have you!
    And Diane~My hats off to you Mother and teacher of your children. That is quite an undertaking! Your sweet spirit and ready smile is what I think of when I picture you.

    Dear Melanie~When I think of your beautiful testimony of faith in the middle of the biggest trial a mother could face I am filled with awe as I see Jesus in you. You are such a wonderful example of faith in action.
    Love all my mother friends out there today..no matter what stage you are at.
    The great shepherd says"He gently leads those who have young."

  4. Oh, my heart totally GETS THIS post...even though I was told it would go fast...I never could grasp it during those long days of babies under my feet. Headed to my son's high school graduation!!

  5. I'm teary eyed as I read your post..,.it's so so so true. Someone once told me that the days go slow...but the years go fast. I just want them to slow down. My heart aches when I have to put away certain sizes of clothing and buy the next size up....and shoe size...and potty train...and the list goes on.

    Thanks for a great post.


  6. Love your insight.

    Love your reminders.

    Love you & love your kids.

  7. Love this Rose. I'm right there too!

  8. Right there with you Rose!


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