Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Three compliments a day club

Have you ever heard of the 3 compliments a day club?

It's a proposal by Dr George Crane....

He believed that if you "joined" this club, each day you would..

1. be motivated to look for good around you

2. make at least 3 people happy

3.feel good about yourself

4. people would be drawn to you

Here are some extra emblishments that Buck Rodger's added....

Get out of your office.

When someone does a good job, pay him or her a visit to say thanks. It'll make a bigger impact than a memo, a phone call, or an invitation to your office.

Don't let good work be secret.

Ask managers under you to inform you of their subordinates' accomplishments. Employees are discouraged when their special efforts go unnoticed. They may feel it was wasted efforts or worse think their boss is taking credit for their work. Send them a handwritten note of appreciation.

Thank people publicly.

Formalize thanks whenever possible.

IThes. 5:11 Says....

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.


  1. i love your new post! i want to join the club! could i possibly post this to my blog too?

  2. Oh yes away:)
    Thanks for commenting! That's one compliment for today:)HEE HEE!!

  3. what a happy post! and great idea. I've thought about that lately as I've had some of my clients give a good word in for me in my pet sitting job. It feels SO wonderful. So yep, I need to pay that forward. Time to actually SAY something instead of just think it!

  4. hey, I just tried to email you. I'm getting these weird emails that come in and say they "failed" to come thru. I'm guessing it is a response you sent me from a comment I made on here? Anyways, the silly email I sent you came back to me saying "failed". OH brother. not sure what's up, but thanks for responding!

  5. AND you are SO good at this!!!! I love you for it, that among many many many other things. You are the best Rose!!


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