Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dressin up....

Did you ever wonder what you would look like dressed up as someone else??

Me too!

I usually like to think of myself disguised as Julia Roberts or Halle Berry


then I realize that I'm 5'2 and white.

Last week our small group from church dressed up and hid in target and kohl's.

The youth came to find us.

Look at what we came up with.

Can I just say we laughed until it hurt!
And some may have even wet themselves~

This is my friend "Anna"(she preferred I called her that this night)and her very fine looking husband dressed as a woman.....
Heather you guys still make me wanna spilt a gut!!

And speaking of fine looking husbands...How do ya like mine?
He was so grumpy...when I asked him why he said it was cause he was SO ugly! Which made me laugh harder!
It was quite comical to watch people watch us.

Especially because I am one of these cute Amish women. He and I did not look like we belonged in the same city


we walked around hand in hand just to stir the pot!HA HA HA!!

And here is Rusty who fit in as a "target" employee:) TEE HEE!!

Oh yes, Here's Nancy, Did I tell you how attractive he was?

And here's our distinguished Dr. in the group.
No really, he is. And his wife Carol dressed up as a nurse.
They were a riot!!

And finally, 2 single guys in our group out picking up chicks.......
I don't know but I would run scared if they tried to pick me up!

What a fun, fun night!

It was just the laughter medicine I needed!!!


  1. oh my gosh...I don't even know any of those people besides heather and her husband and I am laughing out loud!!!!!! hilarious!


  2. Looks like a hoot!:)

  3. That looks soooo fun!! We must try this with our youth group : ) thanks for sharing !!

  4. Nancy is quite fancy!
    I love having fun. And sometimes I think that should be the point.

  5. Oh that was such a fun fun night!! I actually wet myself (just a little) 2 times that night Rose. Get it right! :) :)

    So fun being Amish with you, but let's stick to English. :) Now that's we've turned out coverings in.


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