Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tea Party

I have always been quite enamored with Tea Parties.

I have visited southern plantations and heard about how important tea parties were to the culture of that specific time period.

I love how it brings people together....Especially Girls together.

I often wish it would still be a tradition we practiced regularly today.

I was telling my girls this yesterday as we headed out for a tea party. My baby niece was turning 3, and her mom planned a beautiful little tea.

We were all dressed up and had done our hair, makeup and nails...It felt like a big event.

I think there is something very significant about teaching my girls that it really is okay to be girls. It seems we have lost something in our "casual" lifestyles....

Don't get me wrong,

If I had to dress up like this every day it would quite a trial!

And if I had to have that prickly stuff against my backside all the time

I may get a little prickly myself....

If you know what I mean!!

But sometimes we forget that we have a really special gift.

A unique quality that separates us as females.

And part of this is that it's okay to like fine things and sappy love stories, and making ourselves look pretty, and tea cups with all the special touches that go with it.

And if you're a girl and that's really not your thing ....That's okay too!

Sometimes we don't have to dress up like Fancy Nancy....

We may just be trying to connect with a friend.

Here is my little friend Suzi.
She spent the day with me several weeks ago. And she loves tea parties...

So we had one.

This tea party consisted of very sophisticated food indeed....
Tea cakes (sugar wafers) and a special root tea (root beer)
We had a delightful cup of IBC together in some very dainty cups instead of the frosted mug.

Sometimes tea parties can help soothe what hurts in us.

Like this broken globe.....This was Sophia's special purchase she picked out as her souvenir from our trip to Disney. She had painstakingly looked at all items numerous times to make sure that this was indeed the perfect purchase.

When we got home she wanted to take it into her class for show and tell....

Need I say more?

It made it all the way there and all through the day until she was about 2 minutes from home.

Her friend accidentally dropped it on the bus and as I greeted her after school she burst into sobs.....

So broken about her little globe. My heart instantly felt with hers as I searched frantically for the right words and how I could soothe away her pain.

She thought of it first. As I was holding her and letting her "cry it out" she asked, "mommy can we have a tea party?"

Excellent idea~

So I brewed some tea and set out some pretty little plates.

Within minutes my darling daughter was smiling as she chatted about her day.

We talked about the globe and I told her once again how sorry I was for her loss. It also gave us a chance to talk about being gracious to others when accidents like this happen.

And she seemed to not think it quite so important cause we had stopped to do something special together and she understood that I knew this loss was important to her.

I believe that deep within all girls big and small is a part of us that wants to be cherished and accepted for who we really are.

And Really it doesn't matter if there is tea involved or not.

We all want to know we are special to someone.

Like life is usually good but when it's not there will be someone there who will be our soft place to land.

So connect with a friend today.

It may be the best thing you can do for yourself

and for them.


  1. Oh the joys of being a g.i.r.l.! I kinda miss out on stuff like that w/ all these guys around me, but you are right...we can find that in our friends. I have a lunch date in a couple hours and that's exactly how I feel about's a soft place to land and I'm so grateful for my friends! Even ones I've never met! ;o)

  2. You special special mom!!! How neat that you could help Sophia through that disappointment. :) Poor thing. Thank you for the sweet tea party you made for Suzy. It was so special for her to be there with you that day.

    Let's do a grown up tea party next week o.k.? I'll bring a pastry. Heart heart.


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