Thursday, April 29, 2010

My best friend...

Some days it's just fun to remember.

Today I want to remember this warm little trip we took at the first of 2010~
To celebrate that my mom and dad have been married for

FIFTY years....

I not only want to remember the trip but I want to tell you 50 reason why I want to be married for that long to this guy.

1. Because I love him.
2. He's nice to me.
3. He lets me eat pie without making me feel guilty.
4. He works hard to make sure we are well taken care of.
5. He loves Jesus and is passionate about sharing him.
6. He likes to fold laundry
7. He makes me laugh like no one else does.
8. He plays with our kids.
9. He sings in the shower.
10.He holds me and says it will be okay when the world looks ugly gray.
11.He likes to break into an auctioneer voice every once in a while.
12.He has a heart for people.
13.He is Mr. fix it.
14.He loves adventure.
15.He still holds my hand at the movies.
16.He helps me hang pictures so I don't have to use my shoe.
17.He takes the dog out every stinkin morning.
18.He is on time.
19 He is MR. Socialness.
20.He smells good.
21.I like talking to him. He nods a lot.
22.He gets along with my family
23.He can multitask.
24.He can do an awesome job at MR mom.
25.He is an amazing coach for our kids teams.
26.He is a perfectionist in his work.
27.He tells me I still turn his head.
28.He makes time for us.
29.He cooks a mean egg sandwich.
30.He watches chick flicks with me.
31.He is a great motivator.
32.He tells me he will always be here.
33.He likes to learn new things.
34.He is flexible.
35.He remembers my birthday.
36.He laughs at my jokes.
37.He doesn't take himself to seriously.
38.He talks to our boys about stuff they need to know.
39.He talks to our girls about stuff they need to hear from their dad.
40.He makes coffee every morning.
41.He is my best friend.
42.He still has it going on.
43.He asks me what I think.
44.He is honest.
45.He has a gentle way of dealing with tense situations.
46.He forgives quickly.
47.He takes me on dates.
48.He calls me several times throughout the day just to see how I am.
49.He just gets better with age.


50. He has twisted himself all up in my heart and I forever Am grateful for God's providence in bringing us together.

I wonder what we will look like in 50 years?


  1. Oh Rose, what a good man you have. So blessed we are, with hubby's like we have. :) J is pretty cool!!!

  2. Ahhhhhh...the sweetest list of 50! Eat the look GREAT!

  3. #11 is my favorite. :) You reminded me of many reasons I love my husband as well. Thanks!

  4. What a sweet post! AND what a sweet, sweet blessing it is to have such a wonderful man!! I too, feel blessed to have such a godly man/best friend...#1 gift from GOD!


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