Thursday, April 1, 2010

Funny Guy

Okay so I wanted to tell you a little bit about this kid of mine.

He is something really!

He came out red and screaming and has from the beginning showed some real strength...if you know what I mean.

He was reading at 3..oh yes...Overachiever!

But the thing about this kid is that besides all of that he keeps us on the floor laughing!

This week he was on a roll so I thought I really should blog about him.

On Tuesday night before he went to sleep he told me he was gonna have a new goal to make everyone like him. Well, I have not lived these many years without attempting to do that so of course I recognized the folly in that kind of thinking!

So I warned him against that saying we can't control if people like us we can only control what we do. I said maybe you should focus more on being kind to all people rather than trying to make them like you. I mean look at Jesus the perfect person, and not everyone likes him!

Move with me to the next afternoon, Micah is jumping on the trampoline and his little sister enters....

lil sis: I wanna jump with you

Micah: no, I wanna jump alone

lil sis: Mooooommmm, Micah won't let me jump

Me: Micah remember our conversation about some new goals you wanted to achieve?

Micah: Well, even Jesus needed alone time! He even ran away to get alone!

Me: (I just lost it...laughing lots of laughing) I love you!

He later did come back and apologize for responding disrespectfully and also for not telling me he loved me when I said it to him:)

Then later in the day we were in the car and he said,

"Mom we have the dumbest slogan for our state. The Cross Roads of America....Like what state doesn't have roads that cross? Why couldn't we have a cool slogan!?"

So this morning on the way to school

He said, "Mom I just don't get why humans are so weird...I mean how much time do people have to make up names and stuff."

Me: "What do you mean?"

M: Well, like for one pulley we call it a pulley but for more than one we call it a block and tackle....What? That's a play in football!! Who comes up with this stuff"!!!

Me: (Laughing) Micah I think you may have a future in comedy!

M: I don't have enough material!

More laughing.....that kid!!!

I feel lucky to have him.
Especially on those days I can't find the funny!
He helps me laugh through it!

This is Micah with his granny~She prepared a fun Easter Egg hunt for the grand kids....What a sweet grandma he has!

He also has a very tender side....Several nights ago he came into my bed crying a deep cry...he was so sad thinking that we could die and how horrible that would be for him.

Awwwhhhh...I remember thinking that about his granny. I told him I used to creep in to my mom when she would sleep and put my hand up under her nose just to make sure she was still breathing.....The thought of leaving home or them dieing was more than I could handle!

This big, little guy is a pleasure to have in our family!

I will miss him when he grows....

I pray he will never outgrow his mama


his sense of humor!

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