Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter..What a wonderful Day!

It was a wonderful Easter! We got to spend Easter with family in Ohio.
We are missing one important person this year...Malaina. She is on a class trip.

So we stuck this cute little boy in the mix. Doesn't he look like he belongs?
It's because he is Jason's brother's son. His name is James.

The service at their church was so meaningful! It was obvious that people took a lot of time to create a well thought out service. After the worship time the service was wrapped up with cardboard testimonies....So moving!!

Here is the dance team that started off the service...
Our niece is the 2nd to the the bottom.

The really cool thing is Jason and I lived here for awhile so we still have lots of friends left here. We got to see a lot of them and spend a few minutes talking with them before church because there was an early breakfast offered~

It always feels good to come back to visit.
And something even a little more special happened....
My wonderful childhood friend Tonya happened to be in town this weekend too. She is sweet beyond words. I love when I have not seen someone for years and when we see each other again its still comfortable!


Her little girl is Sophie's age. They had something in common. See that gap? Same/Same...HA!

And then I caught up with the Pastor's wife...Who also happens to be an old childhood camp friend. So Sharla, Tonya and I got to spend a few minutes laughing together. It was such good medicine for this heart today! I loved seeing these ladies. They reminded me that friendship is still alive!!

After Church we went back to my brother and sister in laws for a scrumptious lunch.
Finally we played some Frisbee golf before we packed our bags and took off.

Here is Sophie and her cousin Erin goofing around.

Nice touch Sophie:)

Later this afternoon we drove to Cinci to meet several of our friends from home for a little "spring break" fun. We are visiting the creation museum tomorrow. I can't wait. I hear it's so cool.

Yeah, That's right....Sophie is the only little girl. These boys are so fun! I like them a lot! They are full of mischief and boyishness~ Their parents are Pretty wonderful too:)!

What a great day!

Thank you Jesus for your grace and for giving us hope in hopeless times!


  1. Looks like you guys were close to our neck of the woods! Hope your good times just keep on rolling. :-)

  2. It was a wonderful time of reconnecting! What a blessing you are, Rose! I just Love it when God gives a friend for life!

  3. all.those.SMILES! how can ya not grin a big one after reading this post. what sweet friends/family you have. and what a sweet time to celebrate together! love your song today! ;o)

  4. Loved seeing your Easter pictures. :) Looks like you had a great time. Heart heart.


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