Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Creation Museum

Here is our group at the creation museum.

It was a well spent trip. The museum is such a great way to reinforce what we want our kids to know.
It all starts at the premise that the Bible is truth.
Everything starts there.

He is First and Last. He was present at Creation and is present today.
And we anicipate the future with him!

I loved these paintings...

Here we are in front of the garden of Eden.

Yes, the little one ate a bug.

Actually several brave souls did.
They liked it except for the legs.
They kept getting stuck in their teeth.

Excuse me as I throw up in my mouth!

Here are the little people.

This is Noah's ark. They were allowed to try to climb the wall here.

Yeah.... So some mom's decided we couldn't be outdone.

"Rose let go and wave"!!

Are you kidding....I am not letting go! Check out that death grip I have on the side!

Not pretending here...I'm not the bravest gal in the land.

Especially when my husband has the camera on me...he would be very pleased to record a graceful backward dismount.

Jalen and his buddy Seth.

And here we are having our engagement picture taken...

A great experience.....
I would encourage you to take your children.

It's not that interactive but it does give a really clear message!

What a great way to start our spring break!


  1. Looks very cool....I actually saw this on an episode of "17 kids and counting..." and thought it looked neat!!!


  2. I'm thinkin' that the photo below the one of her eating the bug explains it all...lots of testosterone pressure there! Looks like a wonderful day.

  3. Ha! Linda I think you have an excellent point:)!!


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