Monday, March 22, 2010

Time well spent

Remember how I said the little one still likes it when I come to school.
Well honestly I have never had another one of my children so interested in me coming for lunch.

I mean I would do it on their birthday's and I was room mom and have gone on many, many field trips but none of the others have had this lunch time request. It obviously speaks love to her because she frequently says,
"Mom, can you please come for lunch some day this week?"

And I know these days are going WAY to fast...So I am eating it up!

*Okay just take a moment to observe those priceless fingers and the gap in the teeth!!*
I'm gushing I know...It's just that she's my baby!

And the thing is all her friends act like they like me too! They tell me exactly what they like about what I'm wearing or how my hair is done. They ask me questions and tell me stuff about what is happening in their day.

It is so fun!

Look at those sweet sweet girls!!
Those faces are just precious!

And then I got to have a later lunch with my friend...

Sweet Carolyn....
Can you tell we are totally Cracking Up??

This is my friend who has kids slightly younger than I am. She's a good listener Plus
She gives me all kinds of good advice and I treasure her friendship!
She's a Titus 2 Friend!

As I think about the generations from my daughter and her friends to my friends who are older then I it reminds me how much I can learn from people of all ages~

I never want to forget that!


  1. Your daughter is beautiful and so are you!
    Please continue to pray for my family.


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