Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy first day of Spring!!

I Love....

The smell of fresh air wafting through my house.

Especially at the end of Winter!

And I Love

Having the sun shine down through my Open Window.

Oh my, I Love

The sound of birds singing through the open window...

I am partial to the sound of the turtle dove!!

I am grateful for the beauty and freshness of spring!

I don't outgrow the joy that bursts inside of me when I see that first flower making it's entrance into the world!

Spring is my favorite!

Mostly because it marks the end of Winter.
And the world seems to come to life!

The works of your hands are wonderful
I know that full well!
~Ps. 139:14

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  1. Hello! i am new to this whole blog thing but i really love yours. It is beautifully done and i love the posts and the focus on God and your family. And i agree it is time for some spring weather! Keep it up!


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