Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do over’s

Do you remember when you were a kid on the playground in the middle of a fierce match of two square when all of a sudden your opponent hit the ball too far into the corner and you couldn't retrieve it in time? You may have thought it hit the line while the opposing player was sure it did not.

Either way you call for a "do over".

For what reason?

It was simply for a second chance to relive that moment and try to make the outcome different.

Sometimes I still wish I could have "do over's".

Like the time my two oldest children were just toddler's and I was headed down main street. The light was red up ahead and so I began to let off my accelerator. At the same moment they were pleading for drinks from their "sippy cups" so I was trying to reach behind me while continuing to drive. And to my great dismay I got too close to the van beside me.

Now picture with me… This crazy lady comes creeping, like crawling speed up to the light and slowly, slowly clips your side mirror. As you look out your window the woman is looking at you with wide eyes and mouthing "I'm SO SORRY"! And then a few seconds later she backs up, only to clip your mirror a second time.

I mean that would be a good moment to say,


"can I have a do over"?

Just sayin…..

Or I'm thinking about the time that wasn't quite so humorous when I was a brand new mom.

I was so tickled to have this little, teeny bundle of pink.

One day I was in a small retail store with my 2 month old baby. I was carrying her around in her car seat while she slept. I had set her down beside me while I looked at something on the rack and when I went to pick her up she went tumbling out face first. She awoke and started screaming. And I was so, so scared!

I raced straight to her pediatrician apologizing and crying the whole way there…."Oh my sweet I am so, so sorry!! Mommy was so careless! I am so terribly sorry!"

And pleading "Jesus help nothing to be permanently broken or unfixable."

I was a basket case!

And after they checked her out and assured me she should be fine and told me to just watch for these certain things, I went home.

And I promised myself I would Never, ever do something so foolish like that again.

If only I could have a redo, I thought.

If only I could have changed those few moments.

And there are countless other times when I have said things or reacted in a way that I just wish I could "do over".

People who lose someone special especially in accidents often say…."If Only I could re live those few moments maybe I could have done something different"

Don't we all wish for that at some point?

To just start again.

A fresh page, a new beginning.

In Lamentations 3:22 we are told this….

Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for his compassion (or his mercy) is new EVERY morning; great is your faithfulness!

Not some mornings, not when he's in a good mood, but EVERY morning!

He gives me a "do over" every day!

That is great news!

His grace reaches down and forgives my ignorant ways.

What a wonderful promise!

Do these guys look like they might need a "do over"?

I am so thankful for "do over's"!

Aren't you?

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  1. GREAT post Rose...I have moments that I look back on and I just cringe - I WANT A DO OVER!!!

    Your post was a fantastic reminder for me...




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