Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day’s

We are enjoying our first snow day of the year.

And it couldn't have come at a better time!

I get to be home with the tribe!

Micah said, "Mom, it's like a miracle, we didn't have any snow days until today and you get to be with us".

Love that!

So today they are all home and they did a lot of veggin and then had some homemade pizza for lunch….then the big mean mama said, "Time to go out and run off some steam".

So they did….

For about 45 minutes….

And then they came in and made a big fat wet mess all over the floor at which the mama scowled and said, "get some rags and clean up this wetness off my kitchen floor".

And then Hot Chocolate was served to all the snow bunnies and they all beamed with chocolaty smiles and toasty tummies.

In a couple days we will be in the warm sunshine and this snow will all seem like a distant dream….


  1. Love your new blog header. :) Oh, so can relate to needed for kids to blow off steam. WHY didn't I do that yesterday? Oh, because I didn't want that sloppy mess...I think it would've been worth it. Also..that pizza looks delish. We should've come for lunch.

    Love that your kiddos are so happy to have you there.

  2. i love that feeling when the boys come in all cold/wet/happy and i get to fill them up with warm stuff. *sigh*! you have such cute kids and that new family photo on your blog header is ROCKIN'! ☺


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