Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A new day....

I have been so extremely blessed to stay at home with my kids 13 years...
What a privilege!

And even though I know some mom's choose to work it was not something I had aspired to.
I love to shuffle around my house and fix up corners and make yummy smells come from the kitchen....
I love to tinker in my garden and mow the lawn.
I love taking old things that I find at garage sales or free windows from my husbands window business and turn them into something cool....

I love to be here for my little ones when they arrive off the bus.

And I have realized this year that I miss that more then I ever thought I would!

We felt like it was important for me to try to work outside the home this past year...I can NOT believe it's been one month short of a year!
It was probably one of my more challenging years!
I kind of look back on it and remember similar to the year I had a 4,and 2 year old along with a new born.
Don't remember much of that year...It's all pretty foggy!

Well, my time is up and we have decided it's time...maybe even past time...to have me be at home again.


I cannot tell you how I have longed for this again!
And my kids?
Well let's just say I have one who sits up every morning and the first words out of his mouth are....

"mom, 3 more days"! He reminds me several times throughout the day how many days left!
I love that he wants me home! It makes me feel like my presence was missed!

I have learned so much through this year!
I have grown and been stretched in ways that were painful!
I have also learned how lucky I am to have a supportive husband who has had to pick up LOTS of slack that my 40 hours gone AWOL created for him!
I have also lived the life of a working mom and I don't ever want to forget that these moms deserve as much grace as I can ever find to bestow on them!

Remembering that my working friends are EXHAUSTED most nights and don't feel like doing anything but lie down in a dark room with a damp cloth on their head!

I am happy for the chance to both work outside and in the home! And in the future I may have to work out again so I want to enjoy this season and get as many projects done as possible....
I have 2 rooms to paint and my outdoor fence needs painting this spring....
Oh and we have a much anticipated family vacation to go on!

I will post pics!!!

I can't wait!

I am one happy girl!


  1. We all need to make choices and decisions in life, and often those decisions affect more than just ourselves. I admire people that can make those choices and take ownership of them, and then take a really deep look and figure out what makes sense in the bigger picture. The end result is contentment in whatever path your life is taking.

    I will always have great admiration for those who work full time outside of the home ... it is a tough balancing act ALL the time! I don't work and can barely keep my head above the chaos, and really don't know how those full-time, over-timers do it!!!

    Enjoy this next season of life ...

    (Enough blabbering for now, sorry about the meandering dialogue)

  2. Oh Rose....I am so happy for you.

    I too was a working mom for a season of my life and it was difficult to keep everything balanced. My admiration for working mom's is huge.

    Maybe now that you are home we can get together sometime?!! I would LOVE to!!!


  3. what i can figure out is how the SINGLE moms do it! i get exhausted just thinking about it. good for you on trying and following the Lord's leading both ways.

  4. So happy for you. I love being home, too.

  5. Cindy...You are right! Our Choices do affect so many people!
    Bliss....you're on!:)
    Linda...I cannot even imagine how single parents do it! I hope there is a special honor for them in heaven!
    and Mella-I am so glad to hear from you again my bloggy friend!
    Still praying for you!

  6. well, rose.... i'm soooo happy for you. BUT -- i'm gonna miss you tons! i hope someday i am able to join you in the land of stay-at-home-mommydom!! :)
    tell your kids and jason thanks for loaning you out this last year so i could get to know you!!!

  7. Awww...rosey rose. So happy for you. You've done such a good job at balancing both over the last year. I was amazed at the dinners for painting parties you put together, snacks for moving parties, and small group snacks you came up with while working all day. And everything else you did!!!

    Glad you can stay home for this season, I know it's where your heart is!!


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