Thursday, February 25, 2010

The littleone turns 7

We celebrated the little one's birthday in Orlando.....

She turned 7!

My baby girl....Oh goodness!!!

She is quite the little sweetie pants.

She can twist my arm into lots of things with these brown eyes.....

These girls really do love each other!

So we went out for Mexican food.

Creative tortilla art.
She has it mastered don't you think?

She was serenaded by 6 singing men...They were quite good. And then she got to wear this hat:0

She kept telling me she wanted this one thing.....

She wanted little dots put in her ears.
She is a dressing up, pearls, lace and pretty cheeks kinda girl.

Here are the nervous eyes....

And here they are several seconds later.

She said she didn't even feel it.

One of our traditions has always been to speak words of blessing and kindness on the special birthday person.
Sophie has become quite the little witty girl. I am thankful for how easily she makes friends and how sensitive she is. I love how she gives love freely.
So thankful for my sweet Sophie!

I love you up to the moon!


  1. Awww, happy B-day!!We have pierced Miss Abbi's eyes twice and she let them close both times, ggrr. I told her she has to wait until she's 18 to do it again:) She doesn't like anything she has to mess with.

  2. That tortilla picture ~ I thought was a picture of her in the womb. Glad you labeled it. :) She sure was excited to show me on Wednesday night. They look so cute on her. :) What a big girl to not even cry!


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