Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hello Sunshine

Sunny Florida.....
Notice I didn't say warm Florida.

We are taking Sunny this week.

On Monday we had the nicest tempature of the week so far

and it didn't quite reach 70.

The kids didn't care they had to be in the ocean at least a little bit.

Playing a little football with dad...

The pool was a little warmer...

A daddy and his girl....what a beautiful sight!

And a walk on the beach...

It really has been a good week.
It's been a little disappointing that we don't have summer weather but we feel so fortunate to be together.

The Conference that we have been attending has been so amazing! God has been speaking to my heart in powerful ways and I am moved beyond words at what he has been showing me.

We have one more day left here and then we head for Orlando.
Why does time always fly on vacation?


  1. so sweet to see this trip has warmed up your family, your faces and your heart!

  2. Precious pictures and precious memories, you can never replace these

  3. Oh my goodness I love that picture of Malayna. She looks soooo grown up with her hair like that.

    Love your pictures. Glad your back though. :)


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