Saturday, February 13, 2010

Headed to the place where snow is not????

Headed to the place where snow is not????

Well that was our intention.

To head somewhere warm when we knew Indiana would not be.

But I think the whole world is cold!

Jason has a conference in Florida next week so a year ago we told the kids that this would be the year....

And they have anticipated this for the WHOLE year.

We are actually planning on including a trip to Disney which will be a first for our family.
We decided we wanted them all to be out of diapers, and strollers before we went~

So yay for them they all officially go to the potty all alone...:)
Okay so it's been a few years.

So we started out yesterday and made a stop in Indy to see my nephew Benji.
Benji has a disease called cystic fibrosis.
He is Jalen's best bud and they are only 3 months apart.
We are so thankful for the care that he gets at Riley's but we miss him when he has to go in for his "tune ups".
Benji's mom, Cindy is my only sister and she usually stays with Benji. If you have ever experienced on going care for a loved one you can feel with her the exhaustion and pain as you watch the one you love have procedures, pokes, and IVs.
Besides she always leaves 3 boys and a husband at home who have had to live a very different normal then most of us.
But tonight we got to surprise him.

I think he liked it:)

So after the kids played some games and J and I chatted with Cindy, Allen and Tyler we hit the road again....

And all night like this for the kids.....

Jason and I took turns driving And let me emphasize it was mostly Jason's turn...In fact I'm not sure mine could even be considered a turn except I took the part of the trip that I most dread and always seem to get...the mountains:(Bleck! Nerve ME up!!!
But it's always around 3 or 4 in the morning and J is usually just shot so I'm ready to help out and it isn't until I start the climb that I realize I forgot how much I dislike this...
Especially in snow or rain.

And after we were through the mountains J woke up and said..."I'm ready to go again". So I politely let him take the wheel and immediately drifted off into another world only to wake up in Atlanta to THIS!!!!!

It certainly was BEAUTIFUL but it really wasn't the look we were going for...

We just want the warm breeze!

When we take long trips like this, there is only one place to stop for breakfast~ although I heard some bids for McDonald's which can only be responded to with laughter~

Oh how I love you Cracker Barrel with your warm crackling fire and yummy food and little shop that makes me smile~ And How I love you even more in the south where we are greeted as we walk through the front doors after passing 35 rockers on the front porch with....
"How y'all doin?"

Happy smiles from J and Micah they don't even look like they've been traveling all night!!

Well, maybe I spoke a little too quickly!

That does look a little strained.

We are currently singing our way through the alphabet....
What games do you play on trips?

We are now past the snow and the sun is shining brightly. I don't even care if it's only 50 as long as I see the sun and have to take off my sweater cause I'm feeling the heat, I'll be great!


  1. Rose, I had no idea that Benji was your nephew!!! He is in my class at CCS! I am teaching there part time until mid-March. Is he doing better? We have missed him in class!
    And have a WONDERFUL time in Florida! I hope it warms up for you, my mom is just getting home today and it was cold the whole time she was there!

  2. I heard about your stop in Indy. How sweet...what a cool surprise for Benji!

    So happy for you ~ that you get to be on vacation. Hope it warms up for you. :) Love ya, and miss ya already!


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