Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Magic Kingdom

Disney World is a place I have never been before. I was at Disney Land in California about 14 years ago but never experienced it like this.

This was our first glimpse of the Magic Kingdom.

One of the very first things we did was watch a show at the castle with a lot of the Disney characters. I think the older kids enjoyed it but they wanted to play it cool. Sophie? She just ate. it. up. She wanted to live in the castle.

And here are our own character's dressing up for the camera show.....
They were as happy as a smiling elephant.

I love to see children smiling!

It makes me feel warm inside!

Here are some funny bones...
This kid can't pose for a picture without hammin it up.

Or this "goofy" guy~

I wonder where they get it???

More to come....


  1. Sooooooo fun!!! Love the Mickey Ears! We are thinking of heading back there possibly next year - it's SUCH a magical place for kiddies of allll ages!!!

    By the way...we loved having Malaina babysit. The kiddies had a ball with her and I loved hearing their stories of playing with her. It's pretty special to me to have one of my former students over to watch my children...especially a student as special as her!!!


  2. Hey.Rose! This is a long-lost PenPal of yours,who you met when we were all of 12yrs. old:):) OK I'm Michelle{Yoder)Weaver formerly from GA,but now we live in Washington,IN.But we are on a 1yr. Sabbatical from Fresh Start Training Center where my hubby,Tim,is the Administrator.Were here in GA for this yr. We saw your parents in church today so that's how I got your blog!!! I would love to catch up with you again. It was so cool to get to see you and your family on here! You have a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!I was asking your Mom your children's ages and our families are about the same ages. We have 2 girls and 3 boys. They are-Brittany{14) Jarvis(12} Austin(10)Drew(5)& Brianna(3).I married Tim Weaver on June19,1993. We lived in GA for the first 8mo. then we moved up to IN where we've been ever since. Well, that's enough info. for now. But I'll be waiting to hear back. OK? By the way, I agree w/ ya on thinking we've come south for warmer weather-they say we're having the coldest winter here in 30yrs!!!! Everyone's accusing us of bringing the cold w/ us:( :( Oh well, we Northeners have broad shoulders right??:) It's time to get everyone to bed. LATER!!! Michelle

  3. Hey sweet to say that about Malaina! She always has thought so highly of you as well!
    It was good to spot you through the glass today:)
    Hello Michelle...Long time!!!:)
    You can email me at


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