Monday, January 18, 2010

Cruise part 2

So here they are the happy couple.

And here are the nutty kids....What a riot!

One evening we had a midnight chocolate buffet...It was amazing!

Aren't these apples delicious looking?

And what about these tasty looking treasures?

This is the pool area where this yummy-ness was found.

And this is a whole nother kind O' sweetness! Ha!

It was going around!!!

"Macho" "Macho" men!! ...

Here are some lovely views of what I laid my eyes on...
Puerto Rico!

And the beautiful street in St Thomas

Such a lovely memory.
And then this past weekend we took a little road trip with some friends.
Guess what..
We went Snow Skiing!!!
I mean can you talk about Shock to the body!
One week miles from the equator and the next week on a ski slope in Michigan!
It was still fun...although my throat and body are screaming at me right now!
First time my friends! Oh yes!
It was entertaining on every level....
Several things I found out...
1. I am older then I think I am.
2. I am the perfect stature for skiing because I live close to the ground so when I fall it isn't nearly as traumatic, as say, it may have been if I was Goliath!
3. I can't believe how funny it is to see other people fall down!
4. I laugh at myself more then some people are comfortable with.
5. I can still learn to do new things!

And now back to life in January....which means staying inside and looking for the first signs of spring!

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  1. Oh Rose, That looks so wonderful. LOVE that chocolate buffet!!!! YUMMO!!! Thanks for putting up more pictures. So fun to see that crystal blue water. I can't imagine how beautiful it was to be there in person!!!


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