Thursday, January 28, 2010

Being confident of this...

Okay friends can I be honest for a little bit?

Am I the only one out here that struggles with confidence?

I mean it seems so basic.

So elementary. Why then at 38 do I still have this crisis at times?

I mean, I may be just fine thinking life is wonderful and then


Out of no where these slimy little thoughts come creeping in my head...
And I remember something that I did that was so stupid.
Or I am just filled with shame thinking of something in the past.

And I start rolling stuff over and dredging up stuff and all of a sudden I am filled with insecurities.
It may be just in one area of my life but it starts bleeding over into other areas until I am completely mystified as to how I became so insecure.

The thing is I don't think this is just me....I think this is one of the enemies big fat weapons that he LOVES to use on all of us!

Often we talk about the enemy coming and stealing from us...
Things like


But what about confidence.

We are told over and over that we can be confident in Christ.
He never Shames us.
He only calls us to come closer.
He gives us pure garments for our filthy rags.

So I can tell that dirty rotten scoundrel to scram!
He has no power when I don't believe his lie.

And really, if it's Christ's glory I'm living for.
Believing what he says about me and occupying my thoughts on what delights him.

I can be confident of this....
He who started the good work in me will be faithful to complete it.


  1. I am so glad I have a friend so honest. May God give you what you need today

  2. Awwww....good thoughts Rose. I have some of those same feelings! Thanks for the encouragement! Love you girl.

    Hey...what's up with Carol's glamor shot up there? :)


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