Thursday, December 10, 2009

I love Christmas

I love Christmas.
I always have.

I remember well when I was a little girl the wonder that Christmas held for me.
I don't think it was the fact that I got all these fabulous gifts because really....

I didn't.

Oh except for one year. I had seen this amazing doll, I loooved baby dolls!!
And I knew she wanted me as badly as I needed her!
The new Baby Alive!
She was the cutest little thing I had ever laid eyes on! And the best thing about her.....
She could be fed this special kind of drink and food and a few minutes later she would dispense it into a special diaper!
Yes sir! I thought that was so cool! Don't ask me why!

So this year as we are browsing through the aisles my sweet little one spotted this most adorable baby that has now had a makeover from the 80's which includes 17 phrases that she says along with the same special trick she does in her diaper!

Sophie fell in love with her instantly! She said, "mom can I have her??"

My thoughts of yesterday came flooding in.
What little girl doesn't need one of these precious dolls?

So yesterday I trudged out in the blustery weather to make a little purchase for my little one's Christmas. I found the very last one sitting on the bottom shelf. I grabbed it up along with a couple of extra diaper packages (6 for 5.78~) just in case. You know middle of the night changing?
Actually my mind was considering the possibilities of catching the food at the bottom and somehow reusing both the diaper and the pretend food.....Cheap I know!

As I happily get into line at the check out counter I am excited that her gift has been purchased and I can start focusing on someone else when I hear the lady at the check out counter start chatting with the woman in front of me.

"I can never understand why anyone would want one of these dolls? What is all the fuss?
I mean that's one of worst things about having a baby....I have enough messes with my 4 year old let alone buying something that will make more messes!!! I would never ever buy one of those dolls!"
The lady in front of me in line is nodding and politely smiling and saying, "yes, yes I know".
I feel like I am eavesdropping so I don't know whether to join the conversation already in progress about my ill thought out purchase or if I should just pretend I don't hear any of what she is saying, clearly loud enough for me to hear.
I chose the second option as I busily continuing loading up the belt with my groceries.
She, in time, commenced her dislike for my doll and I just "read" the magazine covers until it was my turn.
When it was finally my turn to check out I held my breath as she began....Was she going to go off on me? But much to my joy she didn't say one word....not one word about my tricky baby! HA!

She was right. It will be a mess to clean up. And I am not so far removed from messy diapers that I have a longing to change one again.


My little girl is going to be so happy


I will get to once again have the pleasure of the doll of my past in the house.

Recreating the past is what gives me joy.
Recreating traditions and memories.
Smells of the same things I had as a child year after year.
Making sure the same stories are being told and that even though things may look a little different recognizing that this year I am making memories for my children.

So maybe one day they will grow up and try to recreate for others.

I love Christmas!


  1. having 2 boys, you should hear the comments when a commercial comes on about a doll that "dispenses". i can't help but laugh. but it all comes down to the way God made us girls...nurturing! too bad that women couldn't remember what it was like being a little girl perhaps?

  2. I had a similar stroll down memory lane Friday when I was shopping for Barbies for my niece. They "released" the 1986 Barbie named Peaches and Cream. It was my FAVORITE Barbie to play with growing up. (Even though it was actually Shelly's Barbie) I thought she was the most beautiful thing. I love Christmas memories and traditions as well. :)

  3. I love Christmas too!!! How fun that you got her that doll. I always wanted that as a little girl too...but didn't get the one that actually wet. I just pretended that mine wet. I remember one time getting up during church. When my mom came out to see what I was doing...there I was in the nursery, changing my pretend babies pretend wet diaper. Ahhh..the joys of childhood.


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