Monday, November 23, 2009


Do you like storms?
Like a thunder clap that is so loud your insides seem to reverberate.
Or a lightning flash that is so bright night seems to turn to day.
What about snowstorms? When all that wet, cold precipitation is falling and accumulating into growing drifts and slick surfaces.

Me? I like storms! I do....I like them! (I feel like I should insert "Sam I am" in this phrase)

There's just one thing......

I like them on my terms.

If I can feel safe in my home snuggled under a blanket with a roof over my head and a wall around me, then I love to watch the snow fall or hear the booms of the storm.
If all is right and good then I like storms.

But when I think about being out in a boat tossed around in the middle of a storm it makes me quite panicky. I almost have to tell myself to breathe just thinking of that very scary thought.
The waves lapping the sides of my vessel or the wind whipping me back and forth. The rain pummeling my body and clouding my vision because of the force of the storm.

Or I think about how tense I get when I have to drive in snow and sleet. The beauty of the flake is lost quickly on me because of the fear that is rising in my chest. And the stiffness of my neck becomes increasingly painful as the stress of staying on the road even when I can't see the lines, becomes more difficult.

Its about feeling safe for me.
That even though this strong presence could overwhelm me I know it won't because I am secure inside.

It's the Faith in the crisis of the storm that's at the heart of this.

Because if I know the storm will not overwhelm me then I have no need for faith.

But if the storm is too great for me to handle alone I will need to call for a greater one to rescue me. A presence that is greater then the storm around me.

So really I need storms in order to understand my own need for a strong one to come and be my Rescuer. A tender one who would never cause me needless harm. A shepherd who watches over me with love. A merciful Savior who saved me from myself.

That's the reason he came after all.

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