Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunsets are so beautiful.

I love them.
I am more of a sunset person then a sunrise person.
I think that is mostly because I am already up for sunsets.

When I see the setting sun I am drawn to the rich warm colors that surround it.
The reminder of the closing of the day.
And I think about how brilliant the Sun was just a couple hours earlier. How diligently it worked to warm the earth and light the day. Casting off it's glory and mighty strength.
But as it sets I hear it whisper, "my work today is done."

And so it is with us. We are born. We live our lives in full. We are energetic and each have our shining moments. And then we, like the sun, drift into the shadowy years of our life when we see the end of the day approaching. Sometimes that happens slowly just as the sunset.

Jason's mother is in the Sunset of her life. The doctor's have said they can do no more for her. They have encouraged the family to contact Hospice to help during these days.
It is hard to say goodbye. There have been tears shed by all. Especially by our children. Not understanding why they have to watch their grandma slip away.
We are sad to say farewell but we know that she will finally be made whole. Who could ask someone to stay here when the other side is calling. What could compare with what she will experience in that beautiful place we call home.

So just as the sunset whispers farewell for today we know that there will be a morning again. And when that morning comes we will rise together and all will be glorious and new.


  1. Praying for you guys as you go through this in your family!!! Love you and missed you this weekend!

  2. what sad news, but what a beautiful perspective. hope the days have been sweet, comforting and full of love lately!


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