Monday, September 7, 2009

Photo Shoot.....

Today we spent several hours taking some family photos.

How I love these little people!

Here we are... Maybe I should just have all my friends visit my blog to see our yearly family picture and we will call that good for Christmas cards this year:)!

Here's the little man who just turned 12 last week! He is growing so quickly!

And This guy who loves to smile for his mama!:)

And my pretty, almost 14 year old girl, who is celebrating her last year of Middle School.

I need to take the little one back because for some reason I didn't get very good pictures of her by herself.
And Finally me and the big guy.


  1. Very pretty Rose, your kids have really grown over the last year! We have our family pix coming up soon, in about 2 weeks...Have to get an early start with a busy family, but you know all about that!:)I really like the header pic!

  2. Perfect!!! I want to go back to and get pictures of my 2 oldest. Wanna skip work tomorrow and we can go?? :)

  3. love the first photo on your banner. aaand your family shot. gorgeous. we do ours every fall and this year i'm thinking we'll be in tshirts and shorts! maybe i can find some fake yellow/red/orange leaves!

  4. Great Pics Rose!!! What a beautiful family!


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