Sunday, September 27, 2009

The little one

So this weekend Sophie was running around here in a little hat and I saw a photo opportunity.
I said, "Sophie, come over here and let me take your picture". She is always a very willing party to this kind of order so here she is sweetly smiling.
But I was completely unprepared for what she would do next. She went into a total unprompted photo shoot.....complete with attitude.
Oh yes, complete mystery girl...
With the "pouty" lips

And the scholar?

Oh my, so shy!

And thoughtful

Sweet as a peach!

And yet completely aloof

But what a fun little surprise miss brown eyes!

I love you my sweet little one!
You are my sugar pie!
And I love you up to the moon!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunsets are so beautiful.

I love them.
I am more of a sunset person then a sunrise person.
I think that is mostly because I am already up for sunsets.

When I see the setting sun I am drawn to the rich warm colors that surround it.
The reminder of the closing of the day.
And I think about how brilliant the Sun was just a couple hours earlier. How diligently it worked to warm the earth and light the day. Casting off it's glory and mighty strength.
But as it sets I hear it whisper, "my work today is done."

And so it is with us. We are born. We live our lives in full. We are energetic and each have our shining moments. And then we, like the sun, drift into the shadowy years of our life when we see the end of the day approaching. Sometimes that happens slowly just as the sunset.

Jason's mother is in the Sunset of her life. The doctor's have said they can do no more for her. They have encouraged the family to contact Hospice to help during these days.
It is hard to say goodbye. There have been tears shed by all. Especially by our children. Not understanding why they have to watch their grandma slip away.
We are sad to say farewell but we know that she will finally be made whole. Who could ask someone to stay here when the other side is calling. What could compare with what she will experience in that beautiful place we call home.

So just as the sunset whispers farewell for today we know that there will be a morning again. And when that morning comes we will rise together and all will be glorious and new.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Dinner

Growing up I had a favorite day.

I remember Sunday's as being one of the best days of the week. We often had company in or went to somebody's house. We never, no, never did we go "out" to dinner.

My mom would serve different meals on Sunday. But one that made a common appearance was Roastbeef with potatos and carrots.

That was my favorite... the one I never seemed to tire of.

The funny thing is I married a guy from Iowa who had a very similar tradition in his home.

So every time I make this meal on a Sunday I get huge "kudos" from the big guy!

I love to make it because even my 6 year old could make this meal.

We put a frozen roast into the crock pot on Saturday night along with enough water in the bottom so it doesn't burn. I put one packet of onion soup mix on top of that and turn it on low.

In the morning we clean potato's and sometimes carrots and put on top of roast. Season with salt and pepper, turn on High.... and that is all!

By noon when we get home from church it's ready to devour.

The best thing is we wake up with a wonderful aroma on Sunday morning. And it's a "one plate" meal. I love it....
Hope you do too!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Photo Shoot.....

Today we spent several hours taking some family photos.

How I love these little people!

Here we are... Maybe I should just have all my friends visit my blog to see our yearly family picture and we will call that good for Christmas cards this year:)!

Here's the little man who just turned 12 last week! He is growing so quickly!

And This guy who loves to smile for his mama!:)

And my pretty, almost 14 year old girl, who is celebrating her last year of Middle School.

I need to take the little one back because for some reason I didn't get very good pictures of her by herself.
And Finally me and the big guy.