Tuesday, August 25, 2009


You know what is a very "un-fun" thing for me......
Something that I hate more then going to the dentist?

It's Waiting....
Waiting..........It is not a natural gift!

Like when I sit waiting in the lobby of the doctor's office or at a red light trying to stay composed... I play this little mind game .
I tell myself "you will not be sitting here in 3 hours. You will not be sitting here in 3 hours".....

I have done this since I was a kid and it really seems to help me relax and breathe normally.

Or When I am to meet with someone and they don't arrive at the said time we were supposed to meet, it seems like the minutes tick by as if all of time has slowed down to a mind numbing stop. "you will be here in 3 hours...."

There is something I have been waiting on....
For a very extended period of time...

I have been waiting for my home to sell for a year and a half!

That my friends, is a very long time!
I reminded God of this detail this past weekend.... how long it really has been and how patient I have tried to remain through it.

Just in case he forgot about that little tiny factoid.
I am so very aware that my home is sufficient and I am grateful for it.
But the waiting.....

the waiting.....
I am not a "waiter".

I like to "gett-er done" and get on to the next thing....
And God seems to like to put me in situations that help me learn how to be a "better waiter".

I think I've grown from where I used to be but it's obvious he thinks stretching me more is part of my character development.

And I am here to testify.....It's a stretch!

The thing is I can't even play my game....cause in this case I don't know how long the wait will be! I don't know when God's hand will move and I just have to trust that when his time is right then it will happen and until then I should be content with what is for me this day, this minute.

Sound familiar? Do you wish God would move his hand on your behalf sooner rather then later?

We all face it from time to time...and it looks different for all of us! But learning to relax in the arms of the almighty is truly where I strive to be.

Learning that his arms are better then immediate results!

That's where I long to have my heart....Oh God, I rest in you this day!


  1. boy do i hear you on this subject. but i think i'm going to take the approach "you won't be waiting here in 3 minutes...your house will be selling in 3 days, etc." [just kiddin'] you've given me a lot to think about today as i struggle with this topic so often these days. thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Ahhh...I am such the impatient person too. All good thoughts my friend. I wish for you that your house will sell soon and I could come over and pack you up!! But if not that you could find joy in the place where God has you for right now. So very hard sometimes...I know.

    Love you!


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