Sunday, August 30, 2009

Snicker's can read

This dog that we own...she is something else!

Jason says he hates her but I think Hate is a VERY strong word.

Especially for someone who takes her out every morning at 6:00.

And also because he gets very worried whenever she "bolts" that she may get run over.

He blames it on how much we paid for her 2 years ago.

I personally believe he has a soft spot for her.

I gotta tell you although you may never guess it she is one. smart. dog!!!

When she does have an accident in her is completely behavioral! If we leave her for long periods of time she wrecks her room. But if I am in the house while she is in her room she sleeps peacefully in her little chair.

She so knows!

Well, you can imagine how impressed I was when I found out my two youngest have been teaching her to read!

Yep, they made little signs for our four legged friend that instructed her to either "SIT" or "Lay". They informed me they did not even need to say the word they just held up the yellow square and she promptly obeyed. They may even create a "word wall" for her that would assist her in even more impressive skills.

Who knows eventually she may know how to read the word "Talk" and be able to spew out a couple words!!


  1. WOw....what a smart dog! Maybe you should get a video of that reading going on. :)

  2. Hey, just like Martha, the talking dog:)We love those books! Our dog Anniespeaks with an inside voive and an outside voice. Chloe trained her to do it...Dogs are truly amazing!:)

  3. Nice spelling I have going on there and run on sentences...Sorry:)

  4. WOW impressive! and i like the photo cuz that's how dogs see b/w right?! ☺


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