Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I have been "Romin" this week

I've been a little pre-occupied the past four months planning this little thing called Bible School....

We had a break for a couple of years and it seemed like people were energized to have one again. So I thought ....Shoot, why not plan it!

Now seriously, I have never directed Bible School before. I just love kids and I felt like someone just needed to get the ball rolling. So I got the hubs on board and we asked a couple to be our assistants.
Then I unrolled the plan....I wanted to do a "market place". Oh, yeah, not only have I never directed Bible School but I have never been part of a "market place".... But "who cares"?
So I ordered "Rome".

And then I did the thing I do best.....I found(and when I say found I use that word loosely) people who I knew would do exceptional work and I talked, okay so maybe a couple of bribes, them into helping me:)!!!!
AND they did!!!!


Over 60 people signed up...and more called on Monday saying "do you still need help...we would love to help"!!!!

So here is Rome in a condensed version.

Here is our sanctuary while we were setting up... that stall over has real animals in it this week. A petting zoo right by the alter.
And of course we need a food booth...
With beautiful foods like these...and rat on a stick....which is actually chicken.

There are 10 different shops set up for the kids to go do craft or activities in.

Every night we have a drama happening in one of the areas the kids travel to.

And great "Olympic games" like these...Chariot races were the hit tonight.

And every night we spend time in Extollo...which means praise. We love praising our Jesus!

One of my highlights of the week has been watching the kids worship...they move me! I am honored to lead them and feel blessed to see their faces!

Here is Paul and Brutus. Paul is "in house arrest" and talks to the kids each night when they come visit him. After that they go to an underground church which happens to be in our creepy storage room downstairs. It's pretty effective:)!

Here is Jalen with his friend Jate. They were "warming up" by the fire.
Here was one of the animals that we have.

And here is my friend Heather who brought my family dinner on Tuesday night! What a sweet friend. Oh and my sister in law, Shirley who did the decorating in the market.... brought us dinner for tomorrow! What a blessing to have a church that has been so supportive and has participated so whole hearted! I have seriously cried over the thought of how blessed I feel this week!

I think the whole amazing thing for me has been once again realizing that the church is never made up of just one person doing it all but rather all of us doing it for one person....Jesus.

I have been making it with his strength and the prayers of our support team.

Jason's message on Sunday talked about living "on purpose".

I know when I put my head on my pillow that even though I am exhausted I have lived on Purpose and that makes it all worth it!


  1. Rose, you have done such a great job with organizing this bible school. It has been the most fun I've ever had bible school week!! It's fun to help someone who is always so thankful. Love yOU!

  2. Looks AWESOME!!!!Wish my family could have been part of your VBS!!You have many gifts Rose...

  3. Thanks Rose! My granddaughters thought it was great.

  4. now you guys KNOW HOW to party vbs style. what an incredible experience for those kids. you.are.awesome!


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