Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wagon Train

Once upon a time.....

There were some children who loved to invent.
They loved to make new things out of stuff sitting around the garage.
They spent many hours on their projects and when they were finished this is what it looked like.
And so they left on their long trip to the wild, wild, west(of the garage)

And as they left they lost their tag along who never made it to the bottom of the canyon.
All in an afternoon!


  1. looks like their mama taught them safety w/ the car seat strapped in there! ahh, i love it when my boys are creative. makes me wonder why we buy them toys! ☺
    happy mother's day!

  2. What happened to the "tag-a-long?"
    Very sweet.

  3. So funny. What creative thinkers you have. :)


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