Monday, May 4, 2009

Happily ever After.....or not.

What did you want to be?
You know when you're a kid you have all these..."when I grow up" ideas?!
Well, I had a few too. I knew when I grew up I wanted to have at least one husband...I'm not gonna lie when I was 10 it was hard to decide which one it would be.
Then I of course, wanted kids....probably 6-8 but I had more names picked out then that.... so that put me in a quandary until I figured out if I would give each of my kids 3 names I could use all those beautiful names.
I also wanted to be a great the kind people pay to see.
Like Amy Grant.
She Rocked the house!
I sang her all the way until about 16 then I realized there were even better singers.

There were several things I thought would not be fun to be at all....
Like a preachers wife. Or maybe a farmers wife. And I certainly wasn't gonna have kids that didn't cooperate and behave themselves. And I didn't wanna be all caught up in a job.
And Here are some of those little characters on our front porch with their friends.
(they aren't all mine....I haven't been hiding the rest in the basement....but if they were all mine I have the names all picked out...)

You know what? Life has a way of kind of changing some of those things.
I mean ideals.
Not that I have become this cynical old grouchy mom.
But rather, I realize the reality of what I thought as a young girl and a good dose of livin that when mixed together don't always = Happily ever after.

Now I know that in my head....but in my heart I often ask....why me?
Why my kids? Why this plan? Why this house? Why this situation? Why this town?Why?
And sometimes I hear this....

Really? You got nothing else?
No explanation why? Nothing for me other then that?
And again I hear....
"That's right, this is my plan".

And I am left to figure out what I will do with this plan. What do I do with "Because I said so".
Will I be the daughter who rebels to this, who runs from it, or will I be the one who says,
"Not my will but yours"
Tough words for this Strong Willed PK to say sometimes.
And because of this,
I honestly think I am Right.Where.I.Should.Be!
When I can give it up then I am surrendered and ready to use my passion for him!

I wasn't gonna use this post to be serious hence the front porch pic under here.
I was gonna title this something like life on the front porch....
So enjoy life from our porch...
And Our garden.....
And my tulip bed
And be blessed today as you think about how much you have to offer Him when you give up the happily ever after mentality!


  1. Great post Rose!!!I love(most of the time) my "Real Life" with all it's ups and downs...I think God designed it that way so us creative types are never bored!;)I love that you are a "Real" person, and aren't afraid to share with with us!

  2. Love the pics Rose! Love your thoughts. have a great day!

    (I just figured out that I have to be signed into google, which is diff from my blog to see your page. I have missed visiting your blog!)

  3. wow rose...truly a beautiful post.

    "And I am left to figure out what I will do with this plan. What do I do with "Because I said so"."

    have you been hearing my heart lately? ☺

  4. Beautiful pics! Your home looks like the place to be.
    When I think back to my youthful "dreams" for my future, I see that some of those old dreams are just now coming into fruition!

  5. Rose I just had these exact thoughts and wrote about them on my blog last night. SO true so true friend!!! SOmetimes God has a whole different plan for us, than how we thought something would go. Our prospective can really change our outlook, and the mood we set for our home.

    By the way great front porch picture! That was such an awesome Sunday lunch. Thanks again for letting us come!!

  6. This is exactly what I needed to hear tonight. I've been going through this stage of wondering and restlessness - and I just hear Jesus saying that I'm right where I need to be.

    Beautiful. And so is your lovely gardens. And those tulips?? Oh my. One of my faves!

  7. Such a great post! The greatest part of the "Because I said so!" is that we know the Father's heart toward us. We know that He wants food for us; sometimes we just have to hold onto that knowledge in faith that He knows what He is doing.

    There is such peace in release isn't there?!

    LOVED your pics! Tulips are one of my favorite flowers!


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