Monday, April 27, 2009


I love Clean sheets!

I think it could possibly be one of my most favorite things in the whole wide world!

I know...I know...I am easily pleased!

But you know there is really nothing like crawling into bed with the sheets nice and tight at the bottom and sides of the bed.

The crispness and smell just suck me in!

Every time I change my sheets I have to mention my great love for my linens to Jason as I crawl under them!

With my great love for the clean sheets you'd think I would do it daily!

But I figure once a week is usually enough to be stripping my bed~

How often do you strip your bed?


  1. Whenever it's nice outside and I can hang them on the line! So Awesome! Well maybe not each time it's nice, but especially this spring we didn't have many nice days, so I'm pretty sure it was each time.

    And I'm pretty sure that last sentence of my comment isn't grammatically correct! Sorry to all the LA teachers!

  2. Love me some clean sheets too Rose. I only wash them if I can hang them out. In the winter it gets a little tricky. The snow can't be too deep.

    But I usually strip (the sheets that is) about every other week. Come to think I should've washed them for Donovan's birthday....He loves clean sheet night even more than me, And I love it alot.

  3. at least once a week. i have to laugh (now) when i had this conversation w/ my hubby when we were first married. realizing in college he only changed his once a SEMESTER. talk about disgusting.

    hey, how is it that someone i have never met IRL can speak to my heart clear as day. your comment ministered to my heart in ways i wish i could describe.

    all the love right back atcha! ☺

  4. I love clean sheets too! Especially if I have freshly shaven legs... ;)

    I used to be a faithful, every week changing, fresh-out-of-the-dryer-to-the-bed; kind of woman...I'm not sure what happened; but I am betting it has a lot to do with the third child's activity it is usually every couple of weeks. Ours have a better chance of being changed weekly than the kids.

  5. Ok, I must have clean sheets OCD...I wash our sheets 2-3 times a week, and the kids' 1-2 times a week.LOVE me crispy, clean, smooth sheets!LOL

  6. I've actually wrote about this before because I am QUITE obsessed with it!! Ha!! My friend Angel joked that if we were famous and had "people" we would crawl into fresh lavendar smelling sheets EVERY night!! Ha!!

    That said, I also could wash mine daily but I stick to once a week. I also always try to have fresh smelling sheets on the bed when Matt gets home from a trip...I just kind of figure crawling into yummy sheets at home after a hotel has got to be nice.


  7. hey, i need you to write another post soon, cuz when i come back to visit...i always seem to want to crawl back in my bed afterwards!
    bwhahahah! ☺

  8. I love crisp clean sheets! I can't hang them on the line anymore because we don't have space in our yard for a clothesline. I miss that fresh clean smell from hanging them outdoors! I wash my sheets once a week. Every wednesday actually! It is the only day where I am not going somewhere!


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