Thursday, April 30, 2009

Would you tell me if I had stinky breath?!

Do you ever wonder what people really say about you when you aren't there.
Like if you leave the party first does everybody start talking about you?
I mean, I know that sounds really insecure.
No, really, it's very insecure.
But sometimes I just get this feeling like if I am not bodily present here these people will finally be able to say what they really think.

Don't you wish sometimes we could just say it?

Like kids ....

Like when I try to obscurely give them a slight pinch in church to help remind them of their zoo like behavior in a non zoo environment, and they make a contorted face and yell, "ouch! Stop pinching me!"
Or when we are in a restaurant and a large lady is sitting at the next booth, and they can't stop staring at her as she gets up to leave. And I glare at them as they stare at her, cautioning them not to stare. So they ask me loudly. "Did you see that lady?"
What about when I hear them tell their friends. "Your breath stinks". And then they continue playing.
See it's about courage and compassion.
Not that I think I should go around belting out whatever crosses my mind.
But sometimes I should learn to courageously say what needs to be said to a friends face.
Let's be honest, sometimes their breath does stink.
Would you want to know?
I would!
So why wouldn't they?
The compassion comes in with my attitude.
If I have a" love ya sista " kind of approach it makes the words less harsh.
I don't know.... it's touchy.... but I wish I could be like a child in this sometimes!

What do you think?
Would you want to know?

Monday, April 27, 2009


I love Clean sheets!

I think it could possibly be one of my most favorite things in the whole wide world!

I know...I know...I am easily pleased!

But you know there is really nothing like crawling into bed with the sheets nice and tight at the bottom and sides of the bed.

The crispness and smell just suck me in!

Every time I change my sheets I have to mention my great love for my linens to Jason as I crawl under them!

With my great love for the clean sheets you'd think I would do it daily!

But I figure once a week is usually enough to be stripping my bed~

How often do you strip your bed?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter traditions

Easter is one of times that I become incredibly grateful for the gift of forgiveness.

And the power that comes with the Resurrection.

I always like to bring out some Easter stories to read to the kids. This is one that I like a lot! It felt new again~

And then we like to decorate eggs with the kids. They like to make their own creations. It's always interesting to see how many eggs will actually make it without some kind of crack or unfortunate meeting with the floor:)! Jason seemed to be particularly good at this tonight:)!

I love, love this picture! I think it should win an award!:)
I think it captures everything about the wonder of childhood!
Here are more bunnies hard at work...

Micah loves to draw. So he, of course, wanted to make his masterpiece right here on the egg.
And the finished project.

What are some things you like to do during Holy Week?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kristin and Tyler

My friend Kristin got married this weekend. Isn't she so beautiful.

Do you ever think about the fact that people younger then you always seem to grow up fast?

This sweet girl has grown into this lovely lady~

These ladies mean so much to me. I am so grateful to have friends like these.

Here are the lovely sisters Kristin and Bethany. I always love to watch the groom's expression when he can finally spot his brides face. Tyler did not disappoint. You could tell he was visibly moved by his most beautiful lady!

Here are some shots of the reception....

Here is Sophie with our friend Al.

And Jason and Malaina~

Here I am with the princess....

One really interesting fact about Tyler is that his grandparents are the founder's and owners of Hobby Lobby. Oh yeah, one of my most favorite stores~
I tried to get in tight with the "hob lob's" but they were busy with the cheesecake. I mean by the end they were promising all kinds of lamps, photo frames and silks just to get a little peace.
Of course not really, I would never be that obnoxious..heh heh!
What a meaningful ceremony and fun reception! I am so glad to have friends like Kristin and Tyler!