Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring my Fair You have arrived!!!


I think I could write a song about my love for it!

I love the smells!
I love being able to leave my front door open!
I love the colors that are starting to slowly come up out of the earth.
I love that I can go out without a coat.
I love That my children can entertain themselves for hours outside.
I love tinkering around in my garden seeing what is starting to show signs of life.
I love opening my windows.
I love Easter and all it represents!
I love the songs of spring!~For the beauty of the Earth
I love the birds with their fat tummy's.
I love the buds on the trees.
I love that the sun shines.
I love that it signifies the end of the deadness!
I think I love it more since we have hard winters.

Here is my front porch re-do for spring
I will add real plants and flowers as summer gets close.

Here is my season shelf that sits up high.

I think It may be my favorite season of all.

What's your favorite season?


  1. Spring is right up there coming in a close 2nd only to summer...which wins my heart. :) Because I love the sun and beach. But I do love spring!!! we have small group this week?

  2. i love how you described the fat tummy true and happy to look at! i am a sunshine girl all around so spring & summer are a tie!

  3. love the photos and YES i love spring!

  4. I am so happy about spring this year. This has been one long hard winter and it feels so good to get OUTSIDE :)

    I personally love summer most. I'm a hot weather, sunshine on my face girl. But I love spring and fall almost as much.

  5. I sure hope all your beautiful decorating is a good omen!

  6. LOVE your front porch picture! So cozy and homey! Please come do mine!

  7. I am just loving this weather. I can't wait to plant flowers! I love your front porch. That is beautiful! Girl, you have some serious decorating talent. Wanna come decorate my house :)?

  8. i was peeking on the "married to the ministry" blog roll, hmmm and looky here!! i somehow missed that you were a pastor's wife! now i like ya EVEN more! ☺

  9. I love your front porch! It just invites you to come sit, enjoy the weather & soak in life.


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