Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's our wedding day....15 years later!

As I reflect over the past 15 years I am completely amazed at how fast those years have gone! I remember on that day feeling like I knew this guy so well! Like there was nothing more to learn about him. I loved him so much ~ we had hardly even fought. And I just couldn't wait to spend every waking minute with him.
And although I still enjoy spending lots of time with him I realized soon after that big day that I really knew very little about him. I realized that the love that I felt for him then did not compare to the love I felt for him 7 years into our marriage, after 3 kids and lots of fights. After feeling his forgiveness and patience. After having my own opportunities to forgive him and learning how to live with someone I may not always "like" but have committed to.
I am so grateful to be on a journey with my best friend. I am so thankful especially today that he is truly a team player. I have realized that once again with this new, very consuming job. I absolutely could not do this without him.
I look forward to many more years with this wonderful man!


  1. Happy (belated) Anniversary to you all! You are a wonderful example of love in action 15 years later.

    Thanks for inviting me to join your private blog - I'm glad I still get to keep up with you!

  2. Very Happy Belated Anniversary to you Rose and Jason. I can't wait to celebrate 15....

    I wish you would've posted a picture of every year since you've been married. I bet that hair has been a lot of colors and alot of styles!

  3. Hope you had a fun anniversary!!It's amazing how fast 15 yrs. comes!! April will be 15 for ua also.~~Gwen N.

  4. Happy Anniversary!! As I read your post I completely understood and agreed. We talked for hours and hours and HOURS before we got married and I thought there couldn't be anything I didn't know about my spouse...cray how you learn so much, we grow so much, and our love is able to deepen even further than we ever imagined it could.

    May the next 15 be even sweeter!!


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