Monday, March 2, 2009

Google me up

Okay so have you all done this little game...

It's really quite funny. I saw this idea on some other blogs.
If you have a couple extra minutes you should try it.

Just google your name and then type needs. ie: "Rose needs"

Pick the first ten(at least if they make sense) and write them down.

Here are mine.....

1. Rose needs you.
Okay so that seems innocent enough

2.Rose needs some help.
I hear amen's being shouted across America.

3. Rose needs cash to fund a legal team.
I hope this isn't a prophetic statement.

4. Rose needs anger management.
Maybe this is why I need the legal team!

5. Rose needs an oxygen mask to get through gigs.
Well, now, wouldn't that be nice....never have to worry about proper breath support again:)!

6. Please help us with Rose's needs.
If I seem a little needy don't hate me!

7. Rose needs a horse.
I knew that I was missing something!

8. Rose needs stitches after a bedtime accident.
Don't even wanna go there.....I'm just sayin!

9. Rose needs your love.
Desperately after 1-8!

10. Rose needs a refill on flicker.
Now I need to google "flicker" to find out what that is!

What a riot! Jason's were even better!

Let me See... what other name could I google.....


  1. Pretty funny. I'm afraid to try it. What if it says...Melanie needs some sugar!
    Sugar/sweet free DAY 9 today.

  2. now that's funny! i'll have to try it. mine might say "linda needs a life" instead of the horse though! ☺


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