Sunday, March 8, 2009

Miss Malaina's Cookie Factory

Do you know how fun it is when your kids start making the food?
I have so enjoyed watching my little girl grow and blossom into this responsible, warm young lady!
She isn't all that jazzed about cleaning her room.....but she loves to bake!
I think maybe she may have inherited some of my gene pool on these particular items.

She loves....LOVES...making chocolate chip cookies and the wonderful thing is...she is really awesome at it! She has even showed some of her friends how to make them when they come over!
She has been making our cookies since about the 4th grade. It started with me showing her how a number of times, letting her do it with my supervision, while I handled the stove, to ...the last year doing it completely on her own!
It took a little patience to begin with but the results are great!
She made cookies for lunches this week!

Here she is sharing one of her beauties with her little Brother.

Family systems are so important! I believe it not only helps us as parents out but it makes the kids feel like part of this unit!

Another thing we started doing on a more regular basis this winter is having what I call
a "one hour clean". On Saturday's I set my timer for one hour, we then try to get as much work as possible done in that hour and then they are free to play the rest of the day!

I can not believe all that gets done in that hour! It is amazing!
I have more time to relax with them the rest of the day without guilt riding on my shoulders for all that needs to get done. And we have a clean house and folded laundry!

Do you have ideas to share how you have included your kids in responsibilities around the house? Love to hear them!


  1. Oh, I can't wait for these days! :)

    But even now I just let the boys "help" me (3 and 1 year old). They splash water everywhere with the dishes and sort of sweep and sort of dust, but I hope that it grows into more!

    I love the idea of the Saturday one hour timer. I'll have to hold on to that idea and USE IT! :)

  2. those cookies look divine but i have to say...seeing my 10 year old son WANTING to do his laundry all on his own is beauty in my eyes.

    love the timer idea. i bet it would work better than the hollerin' mama routine that happens around here!

  3. The cookies look delicious! Isn't it awesome when they can contribute back to the over all family?

    I love your 1 hr clean idea for Saturdays. One thing we do is each child has their own laundry "night" (even our littlest one now) where they bring their laundry down, help to sort it out, help me put it into the washer and dryer, fold and put away.

  4. I'll have to try the 1 hr. clean w/my boys.
    Your pretty girl has the baking gene...I can smell those cookies from here!

  5. Man...I can't wait for those days when Isabella bakes all by herself. I hope she loves it as much as your daughter.

    We just have daily jobs....Isabella is on laundry duty, William empties the dishwasher during the day and Jack in the evening. I like the 1 hour Saturday idea. Can your kids come over for an hour after they finish with your house this weekend?

  6. What a beauty she is! And those cookies are fabulous!

    I am loving your ideas for having the kids help out - taking notes over here!

  7. Hi Roseyrose,

    Thanks for stopping by the B Log. It's always fun to have a guest. I looked through some of your posts. Your children are adorable. Those cookies look better than the nine boxes of Girl Scout cookies my husband bought. Warm out of the oven....I remember making brownies A Lot around her age. I wish I had some good household hints. The hour timer sounds like a keeper. My two teens do their own laundry for the most part. I help them if their job or sports have them too busy to stay in clean clothes! Thanks again for stopping by Roseyrose. I have a story about God and roses I need to post sometime. Your name reminded me of it. Thanks. B


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