Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine my Valentine Will you be mine?

After all the parties and sugar highs we had our own little celebration at home. By the way see those flowers? My guy was so thoughtful! I love the flowers, but I love him even more!

On Friday night we spent the night with our children. We fondue with cheese dip. And then Chocolate for dessert. Yum-Mo!!!!!

I made homemade pretzels and cut them up in bite size pieces. We had ham and veggies with this. The pretzels were definitely the fave!

And then for dessert we had this fruit plate with Chocolate. I simply put about 2 cups heavy cream in a kettle, add about 2-3 cups melting chocolate and 1/2 c. cocoa powder. Stir until no more lumps.

And then on Saturday night we had a couples dinner at church. Here we are with our friends at our table....We laughed a lot. It was so fun!
Up top is Corinna and Wayne, Below is Karen and Dave and Carol and Don. Good times. Great memories.
Paul and Grace were the entertainment for the night. I used to sing with them years ago. They were great.
I loved seeing them again.
And hallelujah for a great friend who watched Sophie!
My friend Carla babysat for around 15 kids because her husband was out of town so she couldn't come anyway!
Isn't that so, so, sweet?!
Everyone needs a friend like Carla!

There is something so fun about serving those I love the most.
I get a big thrill out of it!
And my family doesn't seem to mind that I like to do it!


  1. Yes, It is good to have a friend like Carla who took our kids too!! So sweet.

    It was a good time at the banquet. We had such a good time. But wow wish I would've gotten a picture of you and J when you 2 were slow dancing to add to your blog pictures. You 2 are too cute in love.

  2. The Fondue looked very yummy!!! Enjoyed the update.

  3. It looks like you had a great weekend of love & laughs.

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful valentine's day!! So glad you did - and hooray for CARLA! I wish I could share with you my "cake" - but I never made it - haha. Just an idea I had read one time about how to make a heart cake. The reason why I didn't make it is because we got to share Sat. night with some wonderful friends of ours in a surprise 50th wedding anniversiary celebration for them. We had a pretty packed weekend - we even got to watch the movie "Fireproof" at our church last night - it was wonderful. But back to the cake - I have tried it and it does work - and if you are talented enough to make "homemade" pretzels - it should be easy breezy for you!!! Your food looked so yummy and pretty!!! Have a very blessed week - Cathy

  5. ARE really making a big change.
    You've got me curious. Maybe you'll do a post about it?

  6. Wow..what a fun day...I love Fondue...ever been to the Melting Pot???
    -sandy toe

  7. I loved your family fondue! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!


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