Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Bachelor

I don't watch much evening television, unless it's a news story or something really boring like that. But last night Jason was gone so I decided to watch some of those shows I hear people raving over. I don't feel like I am an "out of touch" female.

I love fashion.

I like to think I dress and talk like I live in this decade.

In particular the show "the bachelor" just turned my stomach.

I haven't seen the show for years but as I watched it I was a bit nauseous at the whole idea that all these girls strive to get this one man's attention before an audience of millions.

They do private interviews about how they are finally opening up to him. And maybe for the first time they can tell him they love him.

The whole idea that they would be willing to sell themselves for this one guy in order to be the winner of the show feels like they have no respect for themselves.

Giving their most precious things…Their bodies, Their hearts, Their souls.

I keep thinking about this: what if my little girl was that girl?

If some guy took their heart and body like that and then rejected them in the end…. I would want to do some very unlovely things to the young man.

I keep thinking about the girls themselves….

They are real people. I think that is easy to forget. Sometimes it seems like they are actors.

How do they feel as they leave brokenhearted?

Do they feel cared for and loved? (I just wanted to hug that poor girl in the limo)

And the Winner….It is my understanding that even the winner often doesn't end up marrying the guy. That it usually doesn't work out.

So she, at some point, even loses!

I recognize they make the choice to be on the show.

But do I perpetuate this by being a part of the viewing audience?

I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I want to be relevant in this world but I don't want to be a part of applauding the sin in it.

Am I alone in this?

My intent is not to judge you if you watch the show.

It is to judge the SHOW.

It is just my questioning mind wondering if other friends in the blogger world sense this same thing…. or am I just way out there?

Am I missing something? Tell me what you think? I am open to hearing all sides.


  1. I hadn't seen the show in a long time, and tuned in as well last nite. I just commented to someone today that I found it disturbing that he would kiss and spend an intimate nite with three girls to try to pick his future wife. I can't imagine wanting to put myself in that situation. And was thinking as I was watching WWJD? I'm quite sure he wouldn't have been watching, probably shedding a few tears.

  2. I have seen some episodes in past years. But it's embarassing on many levels to watch it.
    Why would a man or a woman go through that process to win the heart of another?

    I have given up even trying to find anything on tv to watch. I am sick, sick, sick of sexual innuendoes and the "stupid man" themes including commercials. MY man has a clue and so do my boys! They are not oafs, illiterate, or weaklings.

    On a positive note, my request for Valentine's was for One Fine Man and I to watch "Fireproof". My daughter's boyfriend brought over a copy and the 4 of us watched it together.
    It's great when you can "Amen" a movie about marriage.

  3. I'm with you to Rose. Totally 100%!!

  4. Hey Rose, good post! I have to admit that I have watched a few seasons, this one included. I too watched last night, and I could not believe how anxious they all were to have a "fantasy night" with the bachelor. And then on top of that, what was actually shown on TV, should probably had an R rating. I often wonder if these men/women realize that this is a reality show, and that marriage really isn't like that all the time. That is probably why more often than not the relationships don't last past the results show!

  5. i used to be a big fan. i had a pastor friend bring up the part about the "overnight" date. yep...made this chick think past the *i'm just enjoying a t.v. show*!

  6. I'm new here! What a great blog :)

  7. I am doing the Esther study by Beth Moore right now and I couldn't help but make the comparison of the girls all being gathered up competing to be the next queen. Trying to do all that they could to win his affections on their one night with him...and just like those girls who had a night with a king and then were sent off to live in a harem and possibly NEVER to be called on again in their lives. It does such damage to the body, mind & soul. It just goes to show how desperate people are to "fill the void" in their lives for true love.

    We do have to be careful what we watch because our girls are watching to see what is right and important...

  8. Good post Rose, I do agree with you even though I have been watching this season of the Bachelor. It is very sad to see what these girls will do or say to get his attention. On Monday nights episode there were times I was embarassed for them and could not believe what they were showing.

  9. Great post Rose!! I'm so with ya on this!

    Diane Yutzy

  10. I came across your blog from Stacey's blog. I totally agree with you on this. This show has always bothered me, and I have always wondered why so many women think this is okay. I wouldn't want to be with a man that has "tried out" a bunch of other women before me and finally settled for me.

  11. I only watched the Bachelor once or twice during the first season it was one....years ago. I was also bothered by it. You pretty much summed up my thoughts perfectly!

  12. I realized how easily it is to be desensitized by watching it. I watched it years ago when it first started. At first I was shocked and appalled that these women were so willing to do anything to get this man that they didn't even know. The more I watched, the less it bothered me. Later on, the Lord really convicted me about how immoral the show was. A Christian movie critic was reviewing a movie about a guy who was having marriage problems, and was being hit on by another woman. He said that by the end of the movie, he felt himself rooting for the married guy and the other woman to get together. He didn't even realize it at first. He said that the movies nowdays really try to make the wrong look right, and the audience starts to subconsciously root for the characters to do things that are not pleasing to God. It really put things into perspective reading that.

  13. I've always felt a little frustrated that when others talk about different shows/series I have no clue what they're talking about. Oh for just a few nights a month to sit and veg in front of the tv, I found myself thinking! Well, now that I've read your post, I am truly thankful that I might be lucky to just watch the 11:00 news. However, lately that ain't too inspiring either. :( My only "vice" has been The Amazing Race. Sometimes not too cool with the backstabbing, but I absolutely love "seeing the world"! Just the adventurer in me I guess.

  14. Oh, good, good post, Rose.

    I have to admit that I do watch this show. Not every season, but I have gotten into it this time around. And while some of it is just silliness that I laugh and shake my head at, there is definitely a huge element of,well...sin. I would be HORRIFIED if my daughter, or anyone that I know, went on this show. Hmmm...you've definitely given me food for thought...and I'm glad you posted exactly what you thought!


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