Friday, January 30, 2009

Snicker's the dog

So this is our dog Snickers.

We have a love/hate relationship with her.

Sometimes she can be so cute and sweet and loveable and the next minute....
I told you already how she loves to bolt when she gets a chance!

Does not make the big guy happy...

We are thankful for the keeps her from going very far if she does get the urge to make a dash for it!

You should see her out there in the deep snow. She looks a bit like a rabbit jumping around trying to get through it!
One day Micah decided she needed a hat, but the hat didn't stay on her head.
After spending a LONG time trying to put it on her he finally gave up and called it a "nose warmer". Then he spent the next 46 minutes trying to get her to sit still so he could take a picture of his creation. She finally cooperated with his little mission and sat until he was done.
Now that I think of it....
Maybe this explains her sudden need to exit the building at great speeds!


  1. Yeah...our Ted hates bicycles passing our house. It's the one thing even OFM can't control in him. Sometimes the "cuteness" factor is the only thing that saves Ted. That and his wagging tail.

  2. That is HILAROUS!!! What creativity on Micah's part!!!!

  3. Lol! Snickers looks just thrilled with the new nose warmer :).

  4. Well, since I don't have to deal with Snickers bad habits, I only see her has an adorable little dog. Just look at that face!!


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