Friday, January 9, 2009

Photo Editing

Okay dear ones...I have had a couple of you ask on here and On facebook about the picture editing sites I go to.
So this is it:
I like the site
I'm on a slow computer right now so I can't link it very well for you but if you just google it, it will come right up.
You download a picture for FREE and edit it. That's it! Save it back on to your computer... Then you can either print it or post it on your page.
You can buy a premium package but what you see here is not the premium.
I recently discovered "scrapblog", which I am interested in learning more about. It isn't photo editing. But you can arrange your photos..So cute!
There you go...Happy Picniking!


  1. If I want to "goggle" something, should I wear swimming goggles or will any old goggle do? :)

    Sorry, couldn't resist picking on you! I knew EXACTLY what you meant.

  2. LOL! Thank you so much for pointing that out! I Have goggles on the mind:) That is hysterical!


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