Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let's make a Deal

You know what can really get me excited?

I mean like I have to call around and make sure everyone knows...

A great deal! if my husband finds a grandfather clock sitting out beside the road ready to be hauled away to the dump.
Or if J tells me that for my birthday I can buy tickets to go to Florida with my sisters and mom... and when I go to purchase tickets I find them for

$29 yes you saw that right....$29 dollah bills!

I booked my flight along with my sister-in-law's and mom's last night on allegient air for $29 dollars one way to Tampa Florida! With Taxes a total of $53.00!

Now since we are living under piles of snow right now that makes me especially cheerful!

It makes me not even care that my nose hairs are stiff when I went out to the dentist today.

It's not even on my radar that we are only beginning winter and we have below 0 wind chill temps.

Oh the joy of a great deal!!!

And to top it all off I found these cute little things at Pier One over the weekend.

This was thanks to a little tip from my friend bliss over at blissfullyhappy housewife.
4 bowls, 4 daisy embroidered napkins and an icecream/soda fountain cookbook for a grand total of $15

We can all use a pick me up now and again huh?

I am thankful for blessings like these.

Often it's the small things that make me smile!


  1. Love the bargains!!

    Florida with your mom and sisters sound like so much fun right about now and for $29! My van read -7 this morning. I did not even know that it went negative. Ridiculous!!

    That is where I get most of my smiles is from the simple things!

  2. Hey RosyRose!
    It's winter here in the Tampa Bay area. 44 this morning when I drove my son to school. Highs in the 60's. Cold to me. But at least your nose hairs won't freeze!
    Make sure you visit Ybor City for authentic Cuban food. Just don't go at night.
    Finished up your potato soup for lunch today. :)

  3. love, love, L.O.V.E. all of your deals!!!! Man...I am a bit jealous I must admit!

    You are awesome my friend!


  4. Hi RosyRose - thanks for your visit today. And yes, we all need blessings (pick-me-ups!) Great post!

  5. I care about your nose hairs Rose. Really I do. I will be sure to warm up the van tonight before I pick you up...So your all of your hair will be nice and warm. :) See ya in about an hour. Can't wait.

  6. that is a bargain....that is just great!
    -sandy toe

  7. $29!!! That's insane. I love it. Way to go! :)

  8. Ok, so now I really need to get to Pier 1! I would have to say that you have found some outstanding bargains lately!!

  9. Are you for real??? $53? That is INCREDIBLE. You are going to have such a fantastic time!


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