Sunday, January 25, 2009

Going to the Chapel

Tonight We celebrated The marriage of Karissa and Rylan.
I can honestly say I don't know if I ever have seen a bride smile more than Karissa did tonight. So smiley!
So beautiful!
I remember when we first started attending our church. Karissa and her sister Kirstin were the two little girls that loved our then, very little children. They would take our children and play with them after church. They babysat for them during elders meetings. They were such a joy to this mother's heart. And now here she is all grown up.
A beautiful lady who is beginning a wonderful new journey!

Here are some photos of the evening.
The pretty girl up in the corner is Kirstin.
In the lower left is Donovan and Heather.
And the lower right is Carol and Norm.
What a fun time to celebrate with them and remember,
Why we first fell in love....


  1. Still rockin' the hair, I see!
    A great picture of you and your love.

  2. It is a great picture of you and J. Wow...great photo box with the 4 squares. You are getting pretty artistic on your blog. It was a great evening. The bride made such a great atmosphere for the reception. She's amazing.

  3. Enjoyed being with you at the wedding and loved the story of the Third Grade Date


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