Friday, January 23, 2009


Gratitude is a state of mind. I am convinced of it.
I am also under the belief that I can't be a fearful person and truly grateful at the same time.
What does that mean?
There is something about fear that completely depletes a person of thankfulness.
If I am focusing on the thing that scares me instead of on all I have to be grateful for I consume my mind with the fear.

We have been overwhelmed with bad news about the state of our economy. And frankly in the county I live in it has been particularly bleak!
We have been prosperous for many years but have taken a HUGE hit in the past year. People have lost jobs like never before!
Companies that were booming just 12 months ago have shut their doors.
It can be very scary for all of us.
My husband has had his own business in remodeling for the past 10 years. Highs and lows go with this business~He primarily installs windows so January and February are always slower. We know to plan for slow~but this year we cheer every time a call comes in. One more job, for one more week.
Jason and I were talking today about where we are at~ for some reason neither of us are feeling fearful.
There is just this peace that God is in control and has us in his hands.
For many years I would fall into a state of panic. What will happen to us? How will we make it through? But God always has given us way more than we need!

Beth Moore once said, "God is not as concerned with my comfort as he is with my character".

He walks us through these times~The choice on how we will respond is ours.
The thing is~ if we fail, he loves us too much to let us go~so he gives us the chance to repeat the test...sometimes over and over.
I can panic and become consumed with my fears or I can focus on what I have been given.
I am blessed beyond measure.
I really believe that!
It just doesn't leave much room for fears to overwhelm me.


  1. Good words here, RosyRose.

  2. Now more than ever we must really put it in God's hands and trust him! I have praying for peace for the one's that have lost their jobs. My list grows each day.

  3. Good thoughts Rose. Like always. I will print this out on poster board and hang it in our home. :)

  4. So true Rosy....and I think that you can put worry in the same category as fear. I have a tendancy to be a worry wart...and in doing that I often think I'm not putting my faith where it belongs...with God.

    Your post was worded perfectly and a great reminder to all of us.

    Lots of love....

  5. I love that Beth Moore quote too :)

    It's so true. Fear robs us of many things. Very well said, lady. Thank you.

  6. Rose, this would be awesome to share in church. Don't let the posts keep you from sharing what God is teaching you.


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