Friday, January 16, 2009

14 below doesn't stop the fun~

Do you like the cold better than the hot?

Not me!
I am not a winter person. I think the snow is beautiful.
I just wish it could be 60 degrees at the same time.
Fantasy, I know!
Many of you are living through this cold snap just like I am. Hasn't it been unbelievably cold?!

Seriously, when I go out my whole body starts getting the shakes.

I have found that it's hard for my brain to operate when my whole body is just using all its energy to keep warm.

Yeah, that's right, last night this is what the van read!

Yesterday my friend Rolanda invited me out for more birthday fun. So just as I was ready to run out the door for lunch, my friend Heather called and said..."You wanna see a movie tonight"?

Really? 2 specials in 1 day?
How awesome is that?
So after sharing a wonderful lunch with Rolanda at one of my favorite places....

Panera Bread

I had something else to look forward to!
So last night these 3 friends of mine and I braved the elements to go spend some "girl" time.

It was so much fun.

These girls are all new friends of mine from church.

What a great time of getting to know them!
We talked about lots of things that we would never share on a Sunday morning!

Our conversation was filled with much laughter. We did include a couple of "deeper" subjects but mostly kept it light and talked about our "youth".

That's always a dangerous subject.
I have come to the conclusion that maybe I was not the only idiot in my youth!
Thanks gals:)!
So before we parted we decided we needed to get a picture. Since no one else(other than 2 kind of creepy looking men)was around anymore, we just took a self portrait.

This was the first shot...It made us laugh because Charlotte almost made it in the pic.

And here we get a better look at all faces!:)
Here we are Marlys, Me, Charlotte, and Heather....Our photographer!
Good times, good memories!
I love times like this. It makes me realize that life is much better when shared in community!
I also was reminded of something from all my friends today.
When I take the time to initiate friendship.... I win too.
It's easy to just hope that people will call me to invite me to dinner, or out for a fun night.
But instead of focusing on who will invite me, how about I focus on who I could invite?
How about I let others know that I like being with them.
Friendship 101~


  1. Rose, I had so much fun too. WHat a great time, despite the freezing cold!!!

    Love ya!

  2. Love the pictures! We need to do that more. I loved it!

  3. Boy, I sure look pale. A trip to Florida would be great about now! I had a great time, too. Thanks.


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