Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Christmas celebration

I am a big romantic. No question! Don't even ask how many times those dreamy, unrealistic expectations have been disappointed over the years. Not just by my sweet guy but by life in general. When you live in a world where things are ideal it can sometimes make the real world somewhat dull.

But Christmas changes all that.
It's okay to believe.
It's applauded.
The more delusional you are the better you fit in.
I think that's why I adore this time of year.
I love the whole thing.
I love the dreaming.
I love the lights!

There is something that is so completely breath taking and magical when eating by candle light!

We had a great time eating, singing, laughing and talking. Lots of that. God blessed this family with the gift of gab! Everyone seems to have plenty to say. Which makes table conversation anything but dull.
It means we give time allotments for each child.
And than we attempt to teach the character trait of sitting and being respectful when it is the next persons time to "share".

I think Jason and I both like to thank the other ones family for this very special gift.

So without further ado here is a peek into our little Christmas.

The main course was Fettuccine Alfredo with Shrimp. Along with Crab legs.

Do you want the recipe for the Alfredo? Well, whatda ya know, I'd love to give it to you!

Alfredo Sauce:

1 stick butter

2C. Cream

In medium saucepan melt butter and add cream. Bring to boil. Add

1 C. Parmesan Cheese.

1tsp Garlic salt

let simmer for 12 minutes.

Sooooo yummy!

Serve with Fettuccine noodles.

It's an art form...eating these noodles!

I think the crab is my guys fav... He is feeling very good with himself in this picture! He gets very braggy when he pulls out pieces this size. Oh yeah, braggy he is!

Yes, I feel blessed. I have so much to be thankful for!

Some of my thankfulness lies in this....My children are such an important part of making this family tick. My Husband works very hard to provide for the 6 of us. And I have a chance to give each day to these 5 people I hold dear. Here is Christmas Morning.... We should have posted a road sign: Clean up crew at work.

Oh yes we did! Sophie's first American Girl doll.

And the socks are so much fun! Don't let this picture fool you...These kids are Such serious children. I can hardly get them to ham it up for the camera. I just had to show you this sweet gift to daddy. When you're 5, chex mix is a treasure. Why not share it with a very special person?!

And here are the kids making their special cards for our special friend in Africa. They were very eager to participate in this activity!
I am so grateful for the gift of his love. Aren't you?
I feel blessed beyond compare.


  1. The love is just jumpin' right off the page. Makes me want to come hang out :)

    LOVE the chex mix--that's the sweetest thing.

  2. Your pasta and shrimp look great! We love seafood and my oldest loves Alfredo sauce, so I'll have to try that recipe for him.
    Also...what a beautiful family you have!

  3. What wonderful family photos. Every picture speaks for such joy and peace.

    You truly are BLESSED with a beautiful family!!!!

    Happy New Year.

  4. That picture of your table with the lights has to be one of the prettiest I ever seen. It looks like a postcard. The food sounded wonderful too! You have such a beautiful family!


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